You are Invited to APON’s Online Q & A 4:30 PM EST, Tuesday, July 6th

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July 1, 2021

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American Property Owners Network Plans to Help Pandemic Victims Fight Foreclosures

You are Invited to APON’s Online Q & A 4:30 PM EST, Tuesday, July 6th

Click Here for the link and contact information to register (subject to approval) for the public to join the introductory Webinar):

The American Property Owners Network (APON), a new non-profit organization whose mission is to help unite homeowners and property owners against massive lending and foreclosure fraud, is going to court in Florida with a formal action to change foreclosure court process and forms.

If successful, the APON suit could greatly limit the ability of current foreclosing parties to take people’s homes and property. Currently millions have lost their homes in court actions which are often based on false claims of ownership, and APON’s court action would disallow such foreclosures . APON will be hosting a Zoom Q & A Webinar/Press Conference regarding the new organization, the current state of the foreclosure debacle, and the Florida Supreme Court action on Tuesday, July 6th at 4:30 pm.

APON’s court action, a formal petition defended by an attorney, formed out of concern about the undue influence of global banks and the financial sector over our lives, as well as how the pandemic will affect homeownership. Nationally-known financial expert and foreclosure defense attorney Neil Garfield and GTC Honors will lead the fight at the Florida Supreme Court for APON.

The petition to the Florida Supreme Court is a formal proceeding that would essentially conform rules, forms and court procedures to the current realities arising from claims of securitization of debt. This situation gives rise to false documents being filed in court by what appear to be Trusts backed by big financial institutions, which actually have no legitimate claim, or right, to any debt.

APON is hoping to attract anyone in the general public who cares about fairness in our courts, as well as those who may want to be considered in any APON mass actions against those responsible for fraudulent foreclosures, and/or could benefit from APON members’ online self-help groups. They also seek to support the many lawyers who have faced disbarment for representing homeowners. The webinar on Tuesday will be an introduction to a CLE series APON plans to offer: How to Successfully Defend a Foreclosure.

At the upcoming introductory webinar, those who are members of the public or APON who are victims of fraudulent foreclosure will ask questions first, followed by the press. Attendance is free, although APON is requesting that people become members, if possible, when registering (free attendance is being offered through the Living Lies blog only, currently). Any donations to APON will be used to support APON’s litigation.

Here is the link and contact information to register (subject to approval) for the public to join the introductory Webinar):

To find out more, to donate, to sign up to be a member and/or to volunteer, go to

PRESS INFO Press who wish to attend should email APON Secretary Ann Chin at for a “press pass” (the link to the actual Webinar).

American Property Owners Network’s mission is to obtain justice for victims and survivors of unlawful foreclosures through political and mass judicial action; to restore the integrity of public land records and the judicial processes; and to educate the public. Go to to find out more.

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  1. Question — if one is paying, but can’t out of wherever it is, but not in foreclosure — are they welcome to Webinar? Title affected. Thanks.

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