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Bill Paatalo will join host Charles Marshall to discuss how lenders behind securitized trusts such as US Bank, has no contact with the so-called certificateholders who would presumably possess bona fides to confirm the status particulars of the mortgage debt. Moreover, certificate holders cannot even be identified typically, nor can accounting of payments to certificate holders be verified.

First though, Charles and Bill will discuss the American Property Owners Network (APON), a new non-profit organization whose mission is to unite homeowners, ultimately nationwide, and rental property owners against the massive lending and foreclosure fraud perpetrated across the country since the Mortgage Meltdown of 2008. APON is coordinating with Neil to bring a formal, legal petition to the Florida Supreme Court to bring not just uniformity but fairness to Florida legal procedures used to adjudicate legal disputes involving mortgage debt securitization. The goal is to enable legal procedure which would disable the institutional lenders and mortgage servicers from continually gaming the legal courts as they do now, and instead enable homeowners to meaningfully have their legal evidence properly considered.

There will be a webinar presented by APON with a Question and Answer session this July 6, 2021, 430 pm EDT. Mark your calendars, and see Neil’s Blog for more information.

Finally, Charles will discuss the latest on the Covid-19 foreclosure and eviction front, with an update on how both the national foreclosure and eviction moratoriums have been largely extended through September 30, 2021, with states like California continuing their moratoriums as well.

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