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  4:30 PM EST, Tuesday, July 6th

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The American Property Owners Network  (APON), a new 501C4 organization and others concerned about the undue influence of global banks and the financial sector over our lives, as well as how the pandemic will affect homeownership, are going to court in Florida in a lawsuit to change foreclosure court proceedings. If successful, the suit could greatly limit the ability of current foreclosing parties to take people’s homes and property, in court actions which are often based on false claims of ownership.  APON will be hosting a Zoom Q & A Webinar on Tuesday, July 6th at 4:30 pm.

Nationally-known financial expert and foreclosure defense attorney Neil Garfield and GTC Honors will lead the fight at the Florida Supreme Court for APON. The petition to the Florida Supreme Court is a formal proceeding that would essentially conform rules, forms and court procedures to the current realities arising from claims of securitization of debt.  This situation gives rise to false documents being filed in court by what appear to be Trusts backed by big financial institutions, which actually have no legitimate claim, or right, to any debt.

APON is organizing a Webinar and Membership Drive on July 6th at 4:30 pm EST with Neil Garfield to help educate the public and the press about the need for their rule-change petition. It is also a membership drive where APON is calling on all Americans to join who want to be considered in any mass action or are simply those who want to help protect the right to be treated fairly when obtaining a mortgage and to due process In court proceedings.

At the upcoming Zoom Webinar, representatives from APON and Neil Garfield will answer questions from participants and the press. Those who have joined APON will enjoy free admission to the event and homeowners who are members of APON will ask questions first, followed by the press. Membership dues and registration to the Webinar will be used to support the litigation, as well as political action for homeowners.

Here is the link to register for the Webinar (join APON first to register for free): FREE REGISTRATION FOR APON MEMBERS

To find out more, to sign up to be a member and/or to volunteer, go to, scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and fill out the form (to volunteer, scroll down to the end of the homepage article on multi-plaintiff actions and fill out the form). After you join APON you will be sent a registration link to the Tuesday, July 6th event. Those who wish to attend without joining APON, will have to donate $50 or more to attend.

American Property Owners Network’s mission is to obtain justice for survivors of unlawful foreclosures through political and mass judicial action; to restore the integrity of public land records and the judicial processes; and to educate the public. Go to to find out more.


2 Responses

  1. As simple as possible. Mortgages without money, foreclosures without debt.

    Wall Street Banks found a way how to obtain from home buyers promises to repay substantial amounts of money without lending them ANY money.

    Mortgages in securitization era are not about loans, not about lending and not about money. Note is a promise to repay for information about someone’s non-existing debt in the past. Every assignment, refinancing, modification or sale are merely new layers of securitization scheme without retirement of the original one.

    Documents called “mortgages” are a reference point to”the original transaction”. These are transactions where some money were involved – either a loan was signed before 1995, sold and securitized; or property never had any mortgages before.

    After this original transaction no further lending is necessary at all.

    Here is nobody who bring any actual money at the closing table. And nobody see any money during “home purchase”.

    Home buyers are told that their “closing is good to go” and they assume that someone made a wire transfer to the Seller on their behalf.

    The Seller receives a mortgage release from their “Lender” or “Servicer” and assume that someone wired money on behalf of new home buyer to pay for their “debt”.

    In reality it never happened during last 20 years, except when cash out is involved or a big difference between selling and purchase price. Here Wall Street Bank use either table funding or their operating point.

    Nobody lent you any money to buy a house. Here is no debt to collect during foreclosures.

    If someone disagree – show proof of actual wire transfers from the company who call themselves a Lender; and to whom this wire transfer was made. Show the MONEY. Not assumptions that the money existed.

    Wall Street succeed in their crimes thanks to The Government and Judicial support.

  2. I anticipate that many will sign up to APON – for reasonable fees. Multiplied with good publication could amount to a lot. However well written this post is — it is above most homeowner heads. They rely upon your knowledge, your networking, and their own simple court battles that state as is for justice (or – they do nothing). They are not attuned to the securitization fraud, and rely upon what is glaring to them. Although I have a background in finance, it is even difficult for me to articulate to others in a manner they understand. I am not an attorney. But this is above even most attorneys heads (who need a self-motive to get involved). And, despite my own multiple attorneys’ help over many years — these attorneys did not understand securitization or finance. That is why they went to law school. Not good at math – never mind securitization or finance – period. They understand very little on this topic. Those attorneys in the field — know that nothing is kosher. Their trick and trap is to convince the judge to dispose of by other means. Simply put, – I have found no attorney other than Neil that understands. Except for one — and I had to use unconventional means to get through (Nothing bad — just driving with me in multiple long car rides in which she/he had to listen – could not go anywhere). (love my own stories – sorry).
    I agree, own court battle is not enough. I have said that for a over a decade. But there are few attorneys that take these cases — even if one has the money. And even when one pays the money – attorneys lack of knowledge is a problem. I suggest a petition – highly circulated by one who can do on internet – and for all that sign pay a reasonable fee. REASONABLE. I think that can work. People are justifiably emotional on all this. They want justice. And, they deserve. Then we can leave to experts to take from there. it is about time. I have just gone – again – to state legislator – who understood NOTHING. “But the courts don’t say this – he answered. And, recorded documents are GOD” (well he did not say GOD — but he implied.) My emphasis added. He is trying to help COVID victims. What about crisis victims I asked? La-la land.

    One final thought — I will emphasize over and over and over again — as I have for a very long time. Check the history of the PROPERTY – don’t stop at last “transaction.” Fatal flaw if you do not do this. No one lets go of the helm they control for property – not ever. And, this has been a major flaw in litigation for over a decade. Homework was not done. Transactions as Neil states, do not matter. Property matters. Title insurance involved. And, flaws in title continue in perpetuity.

    So please Simplify Neil 99.999999999999999% are not of your education and background. Over their heads. SIMPLIFY.

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