Tonight! Latest Hawaii Decision Underscores Failure to Properly Defend Illegal Foreclosure Claims and What Can Happen if There IS a Proper Defense 6PM EDT 3PM PDT

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Nothing says it better than the Supreme Court of a state  (Hawaii) that has issued many decisions in favor of homeowners. If you don’t present your defense, by the rules, you lose. Everything about the illegal claims for foreclosure is going to be presumed as true — just as most homeowners presume when they walk away from their homestead. None of it is actually true.

They never say that they loaned you money because from their perspective they didn’t. that would make them a lender subject to enforcement lending laws, rules, and regulations. They never say that the claimant is suffering a financial loss created by the homeowner not making a scheduled payment because that would be untrue.

Tonight we talk about the nuts and bolts of real defense of foreclosure actions that has a good chance of being successful.

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