Tonight! Chase Follows the Lenin Strategy: Who-Whom, That is the Fundamental Question 3PM PDT 6PM EDT

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Bill Paatalo joins Host Charles Marshall to discuss an established pattern he has uncovered in Chase litigation of all sorts. Just as Lenin in Soviet Russia days decided political questions based on who the players to benefit were from a given action, whom the victims would be from same action, Chase variously changes their claims of ‘owning’ the debt in securitized mortgages stemming from the WAMU to Chase bankruptcy of 2008, depending on whom they are litigating against. When the other party to their litigation over securitized mortgage loans is a borrower, they claim for these WAMU to Chase loans an ownership interest and role.

When the other party to the litigation is instead an investor and/or an insurance company, involved with the securitized trust at issue, then Chase conveniently disclaims the type of ownership role in which they naturally and derivatively would be liable for defects in the securitized trust at issue.

Then Charles Marshall will do what might be a last call of sorts on the National Foreclosure Moratorium, covering how homeowners can still potentially take advantage of the forebearance options available through the Moratorium. The companion Eviction Moratorium is also slated to end June 30, 2021.

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