APON Members Will Be Invited to APON/Garfield Q & A Webinar

Press Release

June 6, 2021


American Property Owners’ Network

Announces Launch of Program to Stop Most Foreclosures—

APON Members Will Be Invited to APON/Garfield Q & A Webinar

Those Who Join APON by today get into the Zoom Webinar free

The American Property Owners Network (APON) formed a year ago with the express mission of organizing mass political and judicial action to assist groups of property owners whose property rights are being threatened by unlawful practices of common foreclosure claimants.

APON and others concerned about the influence of global banks and the financial sector over our government, as well as how the pandemic will affect homeownership, are going to court in Florida in a lawsuit to change foreclosure court proceedings, which could greatly limit the ability of current foreclosing parties to take people’s homes and property, and stop the upcoming tidal wave of foreclosures across Florida and the country. Renowned financial expert and foreclosure defense attorney Neil Garfield will lead the fight.

The new agreement about the suit was announced between The American Property Owners Network (APON),  a 501c4 non-profit organization, and GTC Honors, Inc. which sponsors several blogs, meetings, CLE seminars for lawyers, and seminars for homeowners seeking to avoid foreclosure.  The agreement seeks to grant funds to legitimate efforts to conform rules, forms, and court procedures to the current realities arising from claims of securitization of debt. In general, current rules do not conform to the UCC requirement for sworn validation of a debt prior to the start of any foreclosure litigation, which gives rise to false documents being filed in court by foreclosure claimants who have no legitimate claim, or right to any debt. Everybody who joins APON today will get free entrance into the upcoming Webinar (see below for details), at which Neil Garfield and APON will answer questions from participants and the press.

APON also seeks to organize mass court actions for damages against the large investment banks and their co-venturers for falsely initiating foreclosure process on debts that either do not exist or obligations that are not owned by the named claimant. Larry Nemec, APON’s President summed up their efforts: “After nearly a trillion dollars in settlements, with the megabanks, we still do not have any resolution in our society about past, current or future attempts at unlawful foreclosure. We intend to do something about that and now we think we have a coherent plan and skilled people to do it.”

APON is sponsoring a Zoom webinar/press conference/membership drive Webinar on June 23rd, with Neil Garfield, a nationally-known financial expert, and foreclosure defense attorney.  The attorney and APON representatives will be answering questions from attendees. Those who join today will be invited to register for the event without charge. Others who register will be charged $49, in order to raise money for APON’s upcoming litigation.

To sign up to be a member and/or to volunteer, go to www.apropertyownersnetwork.org., scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and fill out the form.


3 Responses

  1. ANON would be an excellent addition to APRON – very bright, articulate who has a strong understanding of the underlying issues in these matters and unlike many, is a bona fide academic scholar.

  2. ANON. Of course you can join. And if for some foolish reason someone says you cannot. You can can join as my representative. It’s time to put an end to this fraud once and for all. Period. End of story.

  3. Not in foreclosure. Can I join conference? Have tried with other groups – but discount me cause not in foreclosure. Have a lot to say. What say? Join or not?

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