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It all comes down to one thing. This “Thing” is never stated but always there. Focus on this thing and you will enhance your chances of victory against companies claiming to be servicers. They’re the ones who hire the lawyers, although the lawyers file pleadings and notices as if they represent banks with whom they have no relationship.

Pretender servicers are more dangerous than pretender lenders. Tonight I’ll give anyone who is listening to our weekly show the key to bringing the hammer down on foreclosure mills, the named claimant and the unnamed claimant — the pretender lender. Now is the time!

Then we’ll talk about the hearsay rule, without which the foreclosure mills would always lose. But the hearsay rule is also a challenge opportunity. Use it or lose it!

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  1. “without an owner” . . . millions of unsuspecting Americans will make that last payment after 20-30 years (i.e., 2027-2037), take their walker gleefully to their mailboxes to see if a release of their mortgage and return of their original note is there . . . but alas – no. The tsunami of this atrocity will be when each one of those homeowners who believe they have done the right thing for 20-30 years will be in serious no mans land because there will not be a single entity that can cancel a note or release a mortgage of DOT – which means no one will be able to do anything about it including the government because the mistakes were at the beginning – origination – how will the government intervene in say 2037 – from 2007 closings – millions will not be able to ‘heir’ their ‘paid for home’ to their kids and families – many will be seniors who want to live out the rest of their lives in their own homes – what will happen if faux liens are never expunged or the issues tackle at this juncture – now is the time for the government to get off its butt and form a 9-11 style commission – and begin putting the domestic financial terrorists on notice . . . just like this country was not prepared for the biological threat – it will not be ready for all those people who worked hard, paid every single installment and end up with nothing to show for it – they were no different than ‘renters’ and no one will exist then just as they didn’t exist at origination – to set them free and live finally in peace in their own shelters. Many of us will not be around then but hopefully we as a nation and People forming alliances will demand the government put the People first in this issue and finally take seriously the domestic war that is by no means, over; but just beginning for millions of unsuspecting, innocent victims who have believed while taunting a lot of us fighters – we were just ‘dodging’ paying our mortgages – will find out what the fight has been about for more than 10 years already.

  2. Citation from Pretender Servicer Caliber Home Loan, Inc (formerly Countrywide Financial) in response to my CFPB complaint.

    “Assignment of mortgage is not necessary unless here is a default”


    “Ownership of the debt is not necessary unless someone wants to steal your home (foreclose).

    BUT if all time in question nobody owns the debt – who can declare it in default? And who collects your monthly payments and escrow?

    Bear to repeat, transfer of debt (mortgage) without transfer of promise to pay this debt (the Note) is legal nullity in all jurisdiction.

    Summary: without an owner of debt here cannot be a loan account on anyone’s ledger where they deposit your money.

    without an owner of debt nobody can declare default.

    without an owner of debt nobody can transfer ownership of the debt.

    without an owner of debt nobody can claim damages

    without an owner of debt nobody can foreclose to cover for non -existing damages

    100% of all foreclosures are fraud upon the Court and must be reversed

  3. Java — no one represents who they claim to represent. Neil is correct on this. But the judges “Buy it.” And, when you try to force the issue — they shut you down. All behind the wizard curtain. Government is allowing. Pretend Bank NA is not there.

  4. How to bring down the hammer when the Pretender Servicer is the original Plaintiff but than in the middle of the Fraudclosure switches to the Pretender Bank NA Trustee for Pretender Trust ???

    And in my particular Fraudclosure. The original Pretender Servicer got a SJ with completely different monthly balances , than the Pretender Trustee is now bringing to court to get on the FJ !!!!!!

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