How Wall Street Manipulates MEDIA and Interest Searches, Producing Financial Suicide By Homeowners and Other Consumer “borrowers” who fail to challenge Claims for Administration, Collection and Enforcement of “Debt”

There are two things that are absolutely true. You can prove it by doing the work yourself.

The first is that if you do a Google search in which your primary search criteria is expressed as “foreclosure fraud,” the only response you will get will be cases involving fraud committed by anyone but a bank. If a bank did it, it does not get reported, or if it is reported it is quickly scrubbed out of the Internet. You might also be shown the website address of companies offering “help” which may or may not be funded and controlled by the investment banks on Wall Street.

The second thing is that the media is continuing to put out reports of declining foreclosures even while they are increasing and will shortly start increasing at an exponential rate. We all know this is happening because the moratoriums from COVID-19 are already expiring or are all set to expire. The reason is that the Wall Street investment banks don’t want anyone to think that this is an emergency until long after the emergency has begun and there is no time to do anything about it.

What you need to do about it is to do your own homework. I personally have been lead counsel and the number of cases in which the homeowner has won. I have been consulting counsel in thousands of cases in which the homeowner has won or been awarded a very satisfactory settlement.

So the question for homeowners and prospective lawyers for homeowners is whether they are simply going to believe Twitter and Facebook or if they are going to dig deeper and discover that they can most likely save the home and probably obtain damages and attorney fees.

So far, Wall Street is winning the media battle. Most people believe that the transactions with homeowners are loans and that the homeowners who don’t make a scheduled payment are deadbeats, deserving of Foreclosure and maybe worse. And by most people I include the homeowners themselves who essentially talk themselves into defaulting on a fraudulent and illegal claim that has no merit in law, conscience, or ethics. By doing that, they are making it that much harder for homeowners who are willing to confront fraudulent foreclosures. They’re also committing financial suicide.

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  1. While so-called “loans” are financial suicides, foreclosures are financial murder and genocide against the entire Nation.

    COVID is the best thing happened to Wall Street Bank. It started exactly when Wall Street Ponzi scheme collapsed in Summer 2019.

    It created a chaos in the entire World which diverted public attention from Wall Street’s crimes.

    It started in China, which is one of the biggest US creditors who purchased over $1.2 trillion of Wall Street junk.

    It eliminated over 400,000 American retirees who will not claim pensions stolen by Wall Street Banks.

    It helped to evade payments to investors due to “forbearances” and “defaults” on non-existing accounts by homeowners

    It helped to remove guarantees on non-existing accounts from GSEs to Federal Reserve (owned by Wall Street Banks’ owners)

    It created a new circle of fraudulent securitization masqueraded as “housing boom”

    Judges are not merely “water boys” – they are zealous accomplices.

    If Judges would not actively enable Wall Street, this crime would not repeat itself in less than 10 years after all bogus “settlements”

    Every foreclosure is a theft of home as tax-free gift to Wall Street over a dead (ever financially or physically) body of an investor/unpaid contractors who perform services to Wall Street Banks.

  2. Readers might wish to ponder the case described by the Court in the matter of In re Jones, 366 B.R.584 (2007); 418 B.R. 687 (2009); 489 B.R. 685 (2013; and Adversary Proceeding 06-01093, U.S.Bk.C., E.D. La, Memorandum Opinion, Doc. 470,Judgment for Jones, Doc. 471, among other cases in this sad tale. Jones filed a Ch. 13 Petition in Louisiana on a $213,000 house loan with mortgage, and Wells Fargo proceeded to screw the Court and the Debtor over, arrogantly told the Judge they were not going to return the over-charges (because Jones had paid them “voluntarily,”), and defied the Court.

    Wells Fargo then took the adverse judgments and ran them through endless appeals, causing the debtor to spend an additional $292,673.84 in legal fees. You have to wonder what Wells Fargo spent on their own lawyers. The Bankruptcy Court finally got fed up and hammered, absolutely hammered, Wells Fargo with a Judgment of $3,171,154.00 in punitive damages, to be awarded to Debtor Jones.

    All that over some $200,000 house.

    Cheaper by far to have just walked away, for Wells to have made the Debtor a gift of that house (and loan)? But of course. And, as frosting on that cake, you can bet that anything Wells Fargo files in the eastern District of Louisiana, Bankruptcy Court, will be met with an icy glare.

    Do these Wells Fargo guys ever figure out that they should give it up and call it a day? Of course not. Their arrogance and hubris knows no limits. Those are attorneys that consider the Judges to be mere water-boys for their football team. Until they ran into a Debtor who was a CPA and had the cash flow to slug it out for ten years, and a Judge who got fed up and lowered the boom.

    Nice payday for the Debtor and his counsel, though.

    Sue them all.

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