Gary Dubin, Esq. Takes on the Entire State of Hawaii

Dubin was disbarred by the Supreme court for the State of Hawaii. I have previously written about his situation because, in my opinion, he is the target of investment banks who have an out-sized influence on government.

I also believe that the process by which attorneys are disciplined is defective two respects:

The first is that the litigation of “complaints” does not conform to the usual standards of due process resulting in an unequal imposition of presumptions in professional licensing.

The second is that the discipline of lawyers often mirrors the phenomenon of administrative laziness. Dubin’s disbarment was the result of a virtually verbatim adoption of the complaint filed against him by bar counsel — all the way through the Supreme Court. The recitation in the final orders and findings do not bear a close resemblance to the facts that allegedly form the foundation of the claim against him.

When I represented lawyers and other licensed professionals defending against allegations of license violations I found that it was almost too easy to win on behalf of the accused professional. The first reason why the prosecuting attorney lost is that the allegations were plainly wrong on the facts. The second reason was that the prosecuting attorney often lacked trial skills and was accustomed to steamrolling over the accused.

But then there were the politically motivated cases that were much harder to defend because there was an intent to “take out” a successful accused. I remember in particular one such person who had conceived of a very good business plan in which emergency electrical service could be delivered quickly and affordably. The result was a concentration of business that excluded electricians who were not part of his network. The accusations against my client were horrendous. But all he had done was come up with a better plan. We did win the case, but they managed to impair his business plan anyway. The grievance committee was protecting the turf of the “membership” of the group of electricians that were licensed. They were not protecting the public.

Dubin’s case is even more insidious, in my opinion. He is 83 years old and has been in practice for decades without any blemish on his record — a feat that exceeds my own record. He has been a consistently good advocate for his clients and has often made new law on appeal, being licensed in Federal and State jurisdictions including California. He has been especially effective in representing homeowners in foreclosure cases — either winning at the trial level or winning on appeal. Although I mostly won my cases at the trial level I have yet to make the inroads in law on appeal that Dubin has accomplished.

And yet it came as no surprise when he was accused of all sorts of dastardly things by the grievance committee of the Hawaii Bar Association. Dubin presented a credible threat to the status quo in illegal foreclosures — which consisted of pretending the foreclosures were legal.

Although the proceedings are considered quasi-criminal they are not judicial and they don’t follow the normal rules of evidence. I examined the case against Dubin. In my opinion, there either was no case, or at most, they might have the foundation for a minor discipline like a guidance letter or even a private reprimand. The rubber stamp orders and rulings make it clear that he was steamrolled by hidden political forces. Those forces could have been exposed in real litigation but any meritorious defense was suppressed by the procedure used to impose discipline upon him.

So I am watching as Dubin has filed a new case against multiple parties alleging violations of due process and equal protection.  Like me, he is not timid about his approach when he believes he is right. I like that. He is alleging that

(1) Neither the Hawaii State Constitution nor the Hawaii State Legislature has given the Hawaii Supreme Court the legislative regulatory power to license and to discipline attorneys for conduct occurring outside Hawaii courtrooms nor is it historically inherently so endowed,

(2) had that power been given to the Hawaii Supreme Court constitutionally or historically or legislatively delegated, the manner in which it has exercised that power violates the equal protection guaranty of the United States Constitution, treating different professions unequally, especially as to evidentiary and appellate rights, and

(3) the manner in which the Hawaii Supreme Court has been exercising that power, usurped or otherwise, violates the due process guaranty and in Dubin’s case also the freedom of speech guaranty of the United States Constitution.

I think he has filed a complaint that is both meritorious and that has the capacity to upend the process by which lawyers are disciplined. I applaud the effort and I invite all interested parties to follow his case closely.

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  1. That is true – Wall Street Banks (who own Federal Reserve and its unregulated branches DTC and Cede) are in business of grabbing EVERYTHING in America.

    Properties, corporations, ect. As soon as a corporation goes public – it becomes a property of Cede via DTC.

    You think you pay monthly bills to your cable company (comcast, rcn, ect) – Nope. All your money go to Wall Street Banks via sham conduits who “own” cable companies via street-name issued certificates

    Cable companies are merely cover up for Wall Street Banks. I have evidence based on my own experience.

    Every company which issues IPO becomes a property of Wall Street Banks via Federal Reserve, a private corporation owned by Big Banks, no exception

    Their Ponzi scheme with “mortgage” derivatives collapsed around 2018-2020, it is absolutely correct. I think China demanded their money back and Pension funds had no money to pay pensioners.

    So, COVID was the best thing happened to Wall Street Banks. It created chaos in the World to divert public attention from the scheme – and successfully eliminated over 450,000 retirees. Maybe you noticed that COVID is mostly affects elderly people. Plus helped to generate more new baby boomers (quaranteen babies)

    GSEs, who are shills for Wall Street Banks, promptly dumped their “guarantees” for non-existing accounts to Federal Reserve (where they originally located) – but keep it secretive to the public while Black Knight massively assign “mortgages” via Black Knight’s forgery hib Nationwide Title Clearing Co who robo-signs documents are unprecedented scale

  2. Blueprint for those of us where govt has intervened to enable unlawful foreclosures and eviction and failed to enforce the law?

  3. Although they may be a double edged sword, What about:

    1. the fact that all lawyers and judges are foreign agents of the BAR(British Accredited Registry) and have probably not claimed this?

    2, the USA, Inc corporation has been bankrupted since 2018 or 2020?
    and does not exist ?

    3 .a group I co-headed brought forth the original Constitution of 1787, before it was corrupted and allowed attorneys and letters of royalty patent by traveling to the original 13 colonies for group meetings and the actual 1st Continental Congress? The Notices were sent to the World Court in The Hague, the UPU and the Pentagon on the request of some of the taken down Generals and Admirals

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