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On The Show today Host Charles Marshall will delve into the latest trends in the Covid-19 era, parsing out how Covid policy at all levels is still having a major impact on

– foreclosure lawsuits, both non-judicial from the homeowners’ side, and judicial lawsuits against homeowners;

– BK practice and procedure, especially when involving hi-value properties;

– UD procedure, with a convergence of trends to go forward with UDs, especially in California.

2 Responses

  1. I have promoted banding together for a long time. Technicalities are legally difficult because the law has many loopholes. But, I still think it is feasible. And, get your point about Dayen.

  2. Is there anyway that a group of people like yourself can band together to expose all the various “paper mills” that you have made reference to all these years. Also what ever happened to David Dayen? Guess he made his million dollars in his book and retired to a quiet place. Anyone heard anymore about good old Mr. Cooper. The last two of my five loans have been allegedly acquired for servicing by Mr. Cooper. I hired Bill Paatalo and he did a decent job on his findings but not sure I got my money’s worth but it is all useful hopefully. Semper Fi and hope everyone is staying safe out there in these really crazy and bizzare times..

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