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Note: Due to technical problems last week this show could not be broadcasted.

Bill Paatalo breaks down latest take on the lack of standing US Bank and those associated with US Bank have to prosecute in judicial foreclosures lawsuits against homeowners based on LSF9 Master Participation Trusts.

Then Charles Marshall breaks down latest strategies (all Covid-19 impacted) to lawfully and legally delay foreclosures and evictons, particularly in non-judicial foreclosure states, though many of these strategies also apply to judicial foreclosure states.

While Covid-19 restrictions in many areas of public and legal life are continuing, in So. Cal. anyway, foreclosures and evictions are proceeding as we speak. Those in foreclosure or subject to eviction post-foreclosure, will need to revisit strategies and best practices to handle the foreclosure notices and eviction hearings, which are mostly going back on calendar so to speak, here in Southern California.

Today on the Show, Charles Marshall will cover the following: – Using debt validation challenges and Qualified Written Requests to get sale dates moved out; – Using loan mod reviewals and sometimes short sale reviews to postpone sale dates; – Using unlimited lawsuits and associated TROs to postpone sale dates.

On the eviction front, using basic legal procedure to lawfully extend unlawful detainer proceedings, by
– motions to quash (MTQ), demurrer, Fed removals, bankruptcies.

4 Responses

  1. Summer, with respect, as I respect your posts — 1) a large portion of deaths were (still are) for seniors in nursing homes that are ill-equipped to contain the spread. Some, as in NY and NJ were sent from hospitals back to nursing homes to die and spread the virus. We know who is responsible for this 2) They told us seniors are most vulnerable — but, if you live in certain states you cannot get a vaccine if you are a senior. They are being given to younger people who are worried, because just like the 1918 Flu — pandemic viruses shift their target. Not a strategy to protect the “most vulnerable” as we have been told for a year. 3) Yes – Big Banks undermined pension funds which are largely government pension funds, as most private corporations did away with pensions decades ago. S.S. is not a pension fund. 4) As to victims who lost their jobs due to COVID, the government will TRY to alleviate foreclosures and evictions. They may or may not be able to do this. Likely not — but they will make an effort under pressure. Nevertheless, even an effort will keep the victim in a default status subject to abuse – that will not change. But nothing occurred for any help with for financial crisis victims. Those victims had to fend for themselves. Foreclosure, short sale, or loan modification (if you were lucky – although modifications only further concealed the fraud) were the only options to the victims. There was no government attempt to block the fraudulent foreclosures. THAT pandemic continues. Valid refinance was NOT an option. The question becomes, IF the government steps in to aid victims of COVID – will that also include the financial crisis victims? Doubtful.

  2. They will not allow it to happen to COVID victims. Really?

    They allowed COVID at the first place.

    Big Banks undermined Pension funds, mostly AMERICAN Pension Funds, specially Social Security Trust.

    80% COVID deaths in America are retirees over 65….

    About 300,000 retirees wiped out in one year in America

    China with over 1 billion population, and one of American biggest creditors in Ponzi Scheme, lost about 4,000 people due to COVID total.

    Interesting spread of infection…

  3. Agree Summer – exposure is the key. COVID victims will get assistance. They will not allow it to happen to COVID victims. But, the true victims of the Great Financial Crisis – are still left behind. Debt validation? QWR? If already in litigation – there will be no response. Controlled. And then, of course, SOL. By the time it is figured out — SOL. Agree with Summer –exposure on mass scale is the key. Individual help is necessary by all means. BUT – if we don’t get exposure on large scale – it remains an uphill battle. Sorry – that is the way it is.

  4. Preemptive lawsuits against Wall Street Stockbrokers, fake Servicers and their lawyers under FDCPA, RICO and Hobbs Act would be more efficient.

    As well as legal cases for unpaid commissions against Wall Street banks.

    Don’t wait to defend. Prevent attack by disabling the enemy. EXPOSURE is the key

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