Tonight! Chase Bank Maneuvers to Avoid Liability for False Foreclosures and upcoming seminars are described! 3PM PST 6PM EST

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with Charles Marshall and Bill Paatalo

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Today on the Show Bill Paatalo will break down the latest strategies by Chase Bank to manipulate the legal process through name-selection shenanigans. Charles Marshall will break down the latest on Covid, as well as provide a preview of an upcoming seminar to be presented by the newly formed trio of LendingEyes, consisting of Neil Garfield, Charles Marshall, and Bill Paatalo. The coming seminar will focus on topics critical to both homeowners in foreclosure and attorneys who help them with their either judicial or non-judicial litigation needs. A subset of the seminar will also incorporate content specifically for small landlords, many of whom have been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 foreclosure and eviction moratoriums, and are themselves now in foreclosure with securitized zombie loans they can’t pay.

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