Tonight! Attorney Charles Marshall talks about anticipated 2021 trends in foreclosure nationwide, through the lens of the now “new normal” of Covid-19 restrictions

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Host attorney Charles Marshall will address on today’s Show anticipated 2021 trends in foreclosure nationwide, through the lens of the now “new normal” of an interlay of Covid-19 restrictions micromanaging all aspects of human life. Whatever one thinks of the impact of the actual Covid-19 virus on public or their own personal health, it is indisputable that the huge and dense and all-encompassing governmental architecture which has built up to enforce restrictions on human behavior now regulates every facet and aspect of Americans’ lives. Naturally this architecture greatly impacts trends in foreclosure. Today we discuss those trends and what to expect. Listeners and interested others have asked questions as to what to expect in the following areas of foreclosure law and practice. Here are some of the most salient questions:

– Will there really be a forecloure tsunami in 2021?

– Will the eviction moratorium be maintained anywhere around the country and will Congress act to reinstate the 2020 rules?

– How will jury trials be held in 2021, and what will be the ‘social distancing’ requirements? – What trends should we expect? in the areas where foreclosure impacts are the greatest: judicial foreclosures, non-judicial foreclosures, unlawful detainers, bankruptcy practice.

2 Responses

  1. Agree with ANON. Joe Biden and Harris will again cover for all Wall Street fraud because they are part of it above their foreheads.

    My prediction for 2021-2029.

    First part (21-25, Biden-Harris) will be an appearance of “care” about American families (like in 2008) like $1400 stimulus check; maybe some bogus restriction orders like in 2011; elimination of investors’ claims under glimpse of “damages by COVID economy” (maybe minimal return of their capital) ; and a massive windfall on Wall Street Banks for “damages” never happened;

    Second part (25-29) will be an avalanche of foreclosures and other thievery

    It will be a lot of media PR about how wonderfully Joe and Kamala care about families impacted by COVID.

    This fake “care” will last probably until next election to keep Harris in Presidential seat – I doubt if Joe will make even half-way through his first Presidency.

    And it will end as soon as it is not needed by Wall Street Banks.

    Biden was instrumental to repeal Glass Steagal Act and open the door for Big Banks racket and thievery.

    Biden was instrumental to move production overseas;

    Biden (senator from MBNA) and Harris were instrumental in fake “National Mortgage Settlement” which nobody planned to obey.

    Joe Biden was next to Obama when they signed bogus Cease and Desist Orders to diver public attention from Big Banks crimes.

    As soon as ink dried on all orders, all courts were flooded with foreclosures based on forged documents, and still are.

    Our unshaven First Lady Obama predicted that it will be much worse; and I believe her.

  2. Don’t worry about it Neil! Joe is speaking. All the pandemic evictions and foreclosures will be taken care of!!! Oh – he forgot to say that he aided and abetted financial crisis bank fraud foreclosures. Whoops!! And, he is also saying – “BUY American products.” Whoops – forgot to tell us — He was there for NAFTA and trade agreements.

    But don’t worry — all will be taken care of!! NO worries! Of course, not for the financial crisis bank fraud victims. FORGET ABOUT IT!! No — FORGOT ABOUT IT.

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