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I do have the names of some handwriting experts that have been used in the past. But I must warn you that the opinion of a handwriting expert must be corroborated by other evidence of wrongdoing. This is not actually a formal legal requirement but in practice, judges give such opinions very little weight in the absence of a context in which a defense narrative is attacking the existence, ownership, and right to administer, collect or enforce the underlying obligation, note or mortgage. So my point is that you should not expect the opinion of the handwriting expert to be completely dispositive of the case.

You can use any forensic document examiner who has a reasonable amount of experience in examining fabricated or forged documentation. If you get someone local and you can avoid having to pay travel time and expenses. The thing you probably should be looking for is evidence of a mechanical signature rather than the signature by a human hand. The rest of them are stamped. The point of the inquiry is to cast doubt on whether the instrument is actually an original. If you are able to do that you might beat the legal presumption that arises from the apparent facial validity of the instrument. In fact, you might be able to raise a negative inference regarding the ownership and existence of the obligation. If you are able to do that you will have to feed the entire foreclosure action, at least by the current claimant.

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