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  1. Javagold, how specifically did the servicer breach the contract?

  2. Foreclosure defense lawyers in most parts will not fight – for a very simple reason. If they will be too zealous – they can lose their license.

    They know that Judges know about this fraud. Judges receive money from Big Banks and their lawyers to obtain and keep their positions of public Trust. Many Judges are investors in Big Banks scam.

    Fighting against Judicial money means loss of business for a defense lawyer.

    They will drag their time in the Court extending evictions, it is about it

  3. Legisman.
    I will let you know how it goes next week attacking the modification contract. No more theories (no matter how much sense they make to me). Only Black and white in the contract. Let’s see the judge wiggle out of that and in favor of the Lowlife Debt Collection Pretender Lender Plaintiff. I triple dog dare that clown in the robe this time.

  4. Lawyers that attack the contract win over 95% of the time, without ever going to court. Even the homeowners that go it lone have the same outcomes!

  5. Must get back to basics facts, common sense and fairness

  6. That a lot of lawyers are really struggling, especially those younger ones AND that none of them are willing or able to figure out a fool proof argument to defeat the debt collector Servicer & liar criminal Plaintiffs in foreclosure courts says everything I need to know. The Fix is in !!!

  7. Yes ,I agree I had three lawyers and they all were lazy and really sucked.I am about to go on my own also.

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