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Host Charles Marshall returns with Bill Paatalo to discuss among other matters how the Federal CARE Act will expire at the end of this year. It protected millions of mortgage loans from imminent foreclosure due to COVID-19 related hardships, with an admittedly band-aid approach of what amounts to a forbearance. That all ends in weeks and millions of loans so protected are expected to go into active foreclosure with the back payments not being paid, and the current payments not affordable either, due to the continued sluggishness of much of the economy.

To fight this, homeowners will need to revisit and clarify strategies to defend their homes, and legally attack those who would foreclose on them.

Essential approaches will be

1. Facts to look for in your homeowner situation;

2. Pleading a defense or going on offense with a Plaintiff’s lawsuit;

3. Discovery options;

4. Motion practice.

So to bring this fight homeowners will need to know how, where, and when certain burdens apply–BK vs civil court for example. Then the most relevant facts to a given case should be alleged which are provable, or which it can be shown the other side can’t prove. In many cases, discovery can be used to expose the inability or unwillingness of the opposition to answer simple questions about the ownership and status of the loan account.

Bill Paatalo will first discuss how in New Jersey securitized mortgage ‘trusts’ are for the all the wrong reasons avoiding taxes by declaring they are not in facts trusts.

4 Responses

  1. Federal Cares Act will not address loans prior to – including Financial Crisis loans. Anything that is done will be done from pandemic on – it will not be retroactive. But the same fraud exists.

  2. Has anyone checked online at sunshine the Florida legislation? Common law enforced repealed statutes 2.01. Common law in certain statues declared in force

  3. I bought this issue – TAXES and STATE REGISTRATION by REMIC Trusts in Illinois about 8 years ago , and continue to demand answers from authorities.

    Zero attention. They raise PEOPLE taxes, specially property taxes – but Big Banks and their fake REMICs avoid all taxes – including State income taxes and transfer taxes.

    If Joe buy $100K house – he pay about $2K trax transfer.

    When JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs steal $1 million house – they pay ZERO tax transfer.

  4. Have Bill start with …
    USBank NA Trustee Truman Trust SC6-2016.

    I have seen on behalf of Mitchell Samberg at Truman Capital Fraudclosing on too many homeowners in New Jersey using the securitized mortgage “trusts” shell game.

    Enough is Enough.

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