Tonight! Exposed: Further Bombshells re Chase misdeeds in claiming takeover of WAMU originations

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Bill Paatalo through access to Chase’s MSP system has obtained a so-called transaction codes glossary, and “payee codes glossary”, used by Chase to supposedly board WAMU loans, going back to the Chase-WAMU merger of 2008. Screenshots Bill has obtained or made available show massive fraud in the routine altering of servicing records which alterings are used to create false affidavits and declarations and Chase witness testimony leaking into judicial and non-judicial mortgage cases all over the country.

Bill will also discuss briefly how a Wilmington Savings Fund Society “Trust” at once registered with the SEC and the State of New Jersey as a common law trust, while at the same time disclaiming that they were either an individual, estate, or even a trust–disclaiming the latter to avoid making an estimated gross income tax payment.

Charles Marshall will discuss ongoing developments in the use of video and audio in remote court and hearing appearances in the era of COVID-19.

5 Responses

  1. Yes please post a transcript for us.

  2. Neil, it is possible to publish a transcript?

    Quote — “create false affidavits.” Try adding — “false defaults of non-existing loans”

  3. Good things those 2 clowns on the stage tonight talked about the Fraudclosures And how the American People have been robbed of their wealth…..oh wait I was dreaming. Both of Their silence is deafening.

  4. This is a HOT TOPIC Neil. Quote — “create false affidavits.” Try adding — “false defaults.”

  5. They need to do this with nasty, crooked Bank of America and their supposed takeover of Countrywide. From what you have outlined in the past, Neil this is quite a deep and complicated creation of smoke and mirrors as you have stated before. Thank you for ALL you do.

    I have hired Bill to complete some work for me, but has been quite a project for him per the latest email he sent me.

    You guys keep up the great work. Thanks again and Semper Fi.

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