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It’s getting increasingly hot in the kitchens of the investment banks that cooked up the fake securitization scheme. It has taken 20 years, so far, but now there are clear facts that “contradict” the lawyers who have asserted to the courts that they represent a bank, when they don’t, and that the bank owns the debt, which it doesn’t, or that some certificate holders or trust owns the loan account which they don’t. In fact, the inescapable conclusion is that eh loan account is completely wiped out concurrently with origination of the homeowner transaction.

As you will see in coming days we have uncovered admissions, on record, by CoreLogic about VendorScape and the role of CoreLogic — i.e. as central repository for all images, data and initiation of all actions concerning administration, collection and alleged enforcement of loan accounts that do not appear on the records of any company or financial institution.

Bill Paatalo has obtained intel through his private investigation tools to reveal explosive evidence that WAMU contracted with ACS Image Solutions to destroy loan files in August of 2008, a month before the September 2008 Receivership in BK which WAMU was forced into as a result of the meltdown of their overall accounting balance sheet in the summer of 2008. The establishing of this connection should lead to further legal developments, and we will discuss on the Show how this connection can be used in borrower litigation, both on the Plaintiff’s side and where the borrower is on the Defense side.

The ONLY reasonable or possible explanation for the destruction of what were purported to be original loan files is that they were not originals and they had no relevance because WAMU had long since divested itself of any interest in the debts, notes or mortgages. The contract with ACS might well be a cover for something that had already been done.

Then Charles Marshall will discuss discuss how the COVID-19 eviction moratorium is being used in California’s Alameda County to protect formerly foreclosed Unlawful Detainer (UD) lawsuit defendants literally for a period of months now, and will continue to do so for months into the future.

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  1. Well done Neil, it is the same in Darkest Africa, the files we”burned” in a fire – we caught them out there were no burnt files. Lawyers “buy” the “right to foreclose” from the “bank” with monies from “investors” (spi preferential offshore and off balance sheet shareholders trusts) – directors of the bank – insider trading – do NOT pass go, do not collect 200 – go to jail!!!! The loan agreement is willfully destroyed when it is materialized and the bond becomes a nullity. They sue on a non existing “obligation” – the lawyers know they will not partake – they have a mortgage, car, girlfriend, kids wife, plane – very expensive stuff!!!

  2. And don’t forget another huge thing – ALL of your money are pocketed by Big Banks who collect your “mortgage payments PLUS your escrow money as their tax free revenue.

    Property taxes and insurances are NOT paid from your escrow money since here is NO escrow account held by any company.

    They are paid by CoreLogic who is using INVESTORS’ money (aka pension funds) from pools operated by Big Banks.

    In other words, ALL fake “deficiencies” are created by CoreLogic whose duties are to send homeowners in defaults.

    The main purpose of EACH home “purchase” is a foreclosure.

    This is the only document which is created by Courts to allow Big Banks to resell your home and initiate a new securitization scheme with a new prey.

  3. My case is a prime example … I would love to go after the big dogs…

    AIG proved with the origination files created by Bank of America that the named party on the notes for the entire “trust” was a sham ..

    The evidence they submitted resulted in a win for AIG with an award of 100% restitution on the insurance payout that BofA had received…

    The evidence was so strong that it was a keystone in Blackstones $25BILLION suit in NY against BofA and several other banks…

    I am in possession of a TILA rescission denial letter from BofA where they acknowledge the origination but deny that a loan account exists or existed…


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