What do the ten (10) biggest frauds in human history have in common?

see https://www.forbes.com/pictures/efik45ekdjl/10-qwest-communications-2/#775bab806de4


  • They are all based upon making S–T up out of thin air and then piling multiple layers of lies on the dung heap they labeled as “value.”
  • With the exception of Lehman, the list does not include the largest frauds leading up to the 2008-2009 economic crash.
  • In each case government regulators stepped back and let the “free markets” play out to make the needed corrections.
  • In each case there was no free market because the most important information was both withheld and actively concealed.
  • In each case the fraud was at least partially successful for a time because the size of the fraud made it seem unlikely that it could be a fraud.
  • In each case they filed documents with a government authority and then relied on those self-serving documents to cover up their fraud.
  • In each case most analysts on Wall Street knew about the fraud and said nothing.

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