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  1. There is NO Lender. Because the homeowners signature is the Lender !!!

  2. Don’t see any acquisition of any assets (notes & mortgages). Occam’s razor- Jesinowski is dispositive!!!

  3. the in between,” the loan”> the close. The circles represent before and after the transaction, but no transaction.

  4. Show me the money!

  5. Not sure what happened to my comment…(first one)

  6. Offshore Account.

  7. money … I don’t see any oversight, etc. in terms of actual funding or movement of money in the transactions.

  8. Proof is purchased asset and/or proof of sale of asset

  9. Trust/investor formation, transaction?

  10. There is no form of due diligence or loan auditing listed anywhere on the asset and risk management side. Its assumed that the loans are clean. One the Due Diligence side, a BPO is used but not a legal appraisal. Therefore not always an accurate valuation.

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