Tonight! The evidence of wrongdoing! Bill Paatalo shows us the many ways in which securitization claims started by Lehman Brothers are a scam. 3pm PDT 6PM EDT

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See Bill Paatalo’s Blog post of August 21 re how the Lehman Brothers BK of 2014 served as conduit for enabling Bill himself to do a deep-dive analysis of a database of almost 100,000 loans spread over approximately 250 securitized trust transactions associated with one RMBS Protocol.

His analysis took place in what was a sample auditing of securitized mortgages ordered by the BK Court. This auditing exposed a litany of defects, misrepresentations, inflated appraisals, falsely reported income, failure to provide original notes, etc.

Bill will then touch on some related mortgage fraud topics, while Charles Marshall will address some of the latest Covid-19 impacts on mortgage borrowers.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Keep in mind that Lehman never securitized the debt, note or mortgage. They securitized data about the debt. Bill’s evidence shows us what happens when they try to resurrect a debt account that has long since been retired. There is no person or entity that maintains a current account record showing ownership of anyone’s loan as an asset receivable — from transactions initiated by or acquired by Lehman. All claims of succession from Lehman are false because Lehman (including subsidiaries) never owned the debt.

In Discovery you should ask for the entry on the general ledger of any entity claiming to be the owner of the debt. That is what is necessary to establish the loan receivable account that is the only legal basis for claiming nonpayment and injury from nonpayment. There is no such loan account receivable. And THAT Is because if there was one, the owner would be a successor lender liable for violation of statutory and common doctrines regarding lending, servicing and fair dealing.

PRACTICE NOTE: Even if such claims are barred by statute of limitations they can still ordinarily be raised and proven as affirmative defenses. One of the interesting due process arguments available then is that in non judicial states the homeowner is barred from making judicial claims that would otherwise be available.

3 Responses

  1. They didn’t speak about in 2008. 2012. 2016. And of course today in 2020. The silence from the PURPLE Gang is deafening!!

  2. We will never get past this. We have DEM agenda that wants to conceal that nothing was ever done for American homeowner victims. And, a Trump administration that believes the DEMS that came before their administration. So there is nothing that can be done.

    GO with Neil. Each one fight individually, but this will do nothing to restore dignity to what was taken away as a whole.

  3. Please tell me why all of this is a non-issue at both DNC and RNC. Tell me — if everything said here is true, why does no one address it at conventions or at any other time?


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