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Just like 2008, people are not making payments for rent or mortgage in record numbers and most of them are not covered in any formal agreement with anyone, much less anyone authorized to offer forbearance or modification or settlement.

When the moratoriums are declared over, the crash will start and I promise you it will be worse than anything we have ever seen before. So don’t wait until the last minute. Start preparing. Even where the homeowner has not won (yet) I have cases where a payment has not been made in over 12 years. This isn’t luck. It is time, effort and money and most of all moving proactively.

And just like 2007-2008 when many analysts including myself were calling out to take action to avoid a crash, nobody is listening. 

And just like 2006-present, millions of homeowners and tenants are going to get screwed again by Wall Street banks as they continue to siphon off our wealth, our lives and our future.  

So I am working hard on creating a better defense narrative for homeowners who are being coerced and intimidating into giving up their equity, their homes, their lifestyle just so more Wall Street executives can take home more bonuses. 

So here is the latest in my never-ending quest to write the best possible narrative for the defense. I start with the underlying premise that if you don’t give the court an alternative to simply denying enforcement then the judge is sign to look for ways to rule for the party seeking foreclosure. 

Fact #1: There is not a single case in which there has ever been proof of payment for the debt. In most cases there is not even any direct or implied allegation that such is the case. It is always presumed to have occurred.

Fact #2: In the context of transactions with homeowners labelled residential home mortgages, second mortgages and HELOCs, most — nearly all of them — involve no payment to the homeowner from anyone who receives any right, any title or any interest in any obligation of any homeowner. 

Fact #3: No person or company maintains any account in which it claims legal ownership of the underlying debt.

Fact #4: Foreclosures involve the naming of a designated or nominated creditor — not a real creditor.

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  1. Great Show tonight but it cut off at 30 mins just when you were getting wound up… Can you publish an outline of your show notes? Thanks..

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