Tonight! How Bill Paatalo’s Testimony Turned the Tide Against Wells Fargo and HSBC! 3PM PDT 6PM EDT

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Bill Paatalo will discuss on the Show today how he was able to thoroughly expose the lack of authority by foreclosing parties, including Wells Fargo and HSBC, in 5 consolidated cases in Missouri. Missouri is generally a non-judicial foreclosure state, as it is typically a deed-of-trust state. There are a minority of judicial foreclosures in Missouri as well, based often though not exclusively on mortgages as opposed to deeds of trust. Bill testified via WebEx at trial as an expert witness in these cases, and exposed the foreclosing parties’ witnesses as proving not their case but the borrower’s case. There are some quirks to WebEx testimony which allow greater latitude for those testifying, and Bill will discuss these.

Charles Marshall will then address the latest in the Covid-19 world as it relates to foreclosures and evictions.

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