Tonight! The Coming Foreclosure Tsunami and what that Means for Borrowers 3pm PDT 6PM EDT

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On the Neil Garfield Show today host Charles Marshall, Esq. will break down the latest trends and developments in the Covid-19 landscape, addressing the following legal areas in order to apprise borrowers what they can do to slow or possibly even derail the coming foreclosure train.

With unemployment numbers continuing in most parts of the country to be at numbers not seen since the Great Depression, claims of mortgage payment defaults are likewise skyrocketing, which will lead to a dramatic rise in foreclosure filings against homeowners, in both non-judicial and judicial foreclosure states.

Today’s Show will touch on effects nationwide, with an emphasis on non-judicial foreclosure states like California.

We will cover a refresher on how borrowers can best handle legal procedure in the following legal arenas:

– pre-NOD mortgage default period;

– post-NOD mortgage default period;

– NOTS period; post-auction period if the subject property goes to sale.

Lawsuit procedure to fight foreclosure, including obtaining TROs to stop foreclosure sales;

Appellate procedure, including whether appeals can and will stop foreclosure sales or evictions

Bankruptcy Procedure re foreclosure, including how bankruptcy stays work, and addressing motions to lift any stay in place;

Unlawful Detainer procedure and how to navigate this procedure when sued for eviction following a non-judicial foreclosure sale.

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  1. Looking forward to it ,, hope the show goes smoothly with no technical difficulties…

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