And while we were sleeping, SCOTUS rules that Congress has no power to limit Presidential Power on Agencies Created by Congress


It has long been held, assumed  and otherwise inscribed in law that Congress is the sole source of appropriating money for the federal government to spend. That is pursuant to the supreme law of the land.

And it has also been long held that Congress can put conditions on its appropriation of money either for an existing Federal agency or a new one. Such conditions can be event or monetary thresholds or controls to retain maximum Congressional oversight to see to it that the President is not doing anything contrary to the congressional mandate.

Yes that is how it works in our country.

So it is both dangerous and irksome that the Supreme court of the United States (SCOTUS) decided that the head of one of the only agencies exclusively devoted to protection of consumers could be fired without cause despite a congressional mandate to the contrary.

Besides the obvious effects on consumers and borrowers in particular, this decision could be a harbinger of still more unrestrained presidential power leading to autocracy. You may like it now if you align with republicans, but you won’t like it later when the shoe is on the other foot.

By politicizing the highest court in the land we have stepped on another rake. This will cost us as taxpayers, consumers, borrowers and citizens.


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  1. Unfortunately, cannot undo what was done on the Dem’s watch. All we can do is push forward best we can.,

  2. The autocracy is already here. Although it is undisputed that Mr. Trump has some accomplishments as President to his credit, such as rescuing the domestic aluminum smelting industry, he also has impulsively and recklessly gone about his impulsive manner in dealing with federal agencies. That is the salient hallmark of an autocrat.

  3. Have to remember that the mortgage fraud was covered up on the democrat’s clock — which included no settlements for homeowners, pushed modifications that also covered up and were largely denied to borrowers, and foreclosures that are as bogus as they come. The Democrats want us to be renters. My state, democrat run, pushes foreclosures to convert to affordable housing for renters.

    This does mean Trump has done any better, But the damage was already done – Trump could not undo what was done.

    I don’t trust either side, but don’t think for a minute that the democrats will fix it all up for you. They had their chance — they did nothing. They covered it up. .

  4. @ ACLAY777 ,

    You lost all credibility with your anti Flynn comments ,, the FBI has hidden and re-written the 302’s (faked new ones) , investigated him with no suspicion of a crime on his first week on the job (fishing) , used the manufactured fake evidence to threaten the mans son and himself , bankrupted him and now when they have been forced to show their evidence WHICH EXONERATES Flynn ,,, evidence they were legally required to disclose from the beginning … you attack him for fighting back…

  5. An interesting observation by the SC but what does it matter when the Congress FOR MANY YEARS has been unwilling to put out a budget… they’ve been relying on “continuing resolutions” for what seems like an eternity.

  6. That’s what I was thinking; for the attorneys sitting at home watch TV while eating dinner and have to deal with the slight aroma of Bulls*%t while you eat. Wondering where was that in law school… it wasn’t.

  7. Sounds like a fine line and narrowly applicable. Don’t get me wrong, I think Trump is a knucklehead, I did email, contact, blog him as to his blowing through judicial appointments, me not knowing who to put where, but vetting them. He within a short periods used the ABA’s choice to fill two seats in the DC appeals court, those two ruled his (our) privacy rights didn’t not outweigh the peoples right to know (while SCOTUS revised that to a narrower issue) He then abandoned the ABA, a hugely political agency based upon the alleged “impartial consideration at trial” yeah right, everything leading up to judge placement and (like South Carolina) (no meaningful means for discipline of a judge or cure for egregious wrongs done) While Trump still blows right through lower court appointments past appointments, whether liberal or conservative, reflects serious bias in the judges actions. The Flynn case is full of daily misdirection inundated to the masses as is Stone, while more evidence on false Fisa applications has reached far beyond probable cause to arrest and convict.

    This, for me, a former civil rights paralegal, shows the Justice Dept is meaningless, and no spokes person will correct the peoples right to know…. “The Truth” I can’t listen to the gross dissemination of misguide law (or not at all the law) on all channels, worse since Rupert Murdock (sic) took over FOX nobody knows whats going on in this country. The plea of Flynn has but one standard for 60 years, its the intelligence of a plea. Nobody argues that a guilty man has a right to go the trial too. Or Nolle contendre if the governments case looks to overwhelming to face, (which adds to the sentence upgrade for not accepting responsibility. or just a plea for lesser incarceration. THE ONLY ISSUE IS THE PLEA “INTELLIGENT” with knowing all facts, as Brady disclosure requires. The plea was taken to keep a roof over his wifes head and his son out of the same massive attack on him as well. He fell on the sword) The liberals did what ever it took to get the utterances of “guilty” from Flynn’s mouth, But didn’t disclose the tampreed with 302’s by the 2ed round of justice dept prosecutors, laws were broke and the more serious ones is by our government. Read some case law, esp Johnson vs, Zerbst (1938) Gideon vs Wainwright (1963) and Assinger vs. Hamlin (around 1972) the years of good law and supreme court justices, in each of those cases the SCOTUS slams the government for being nefarious as to withholding evidence and false statements, and here we are, avoiding that. Stone was also victim of a overzealous judge who pursued this juror, and as well there was a 40 million dollar investigation that proved no cover-up and yet the judge uses that and its judicially noticeable. So, what we see, is our judicial process so politically controlled, esp, the wrongs of the FBI as to Flynn and who’s the real criminal, there is such a thing as a defaulting a prosecution for such unclean hands as here.

    The vote them all out is the easiest answer…. is it…. this process has a back up plan… the other guy you vote for, you really don’t know. We know Biden and he don’t need to campaign anymore, everything he is for now he was against a short time ago. He’s incompetent to talk on his own, and we wouldn’t consider voting for him, its a hate trump thing, which has been sold and Trump has lost fans along the way, like his judicial appointments and worse. Unlike all prior presidents and party changes, he did not rid the white house of spies left behind and what a distraction that has been. TOO MUCH a distraction, one of my dislikes as to all the gossip while I’d like to see a better thriving America instead of 3rd hand illegal gossip calling it evidence. The liberals has destroyed the rule of law.

  8. yes its almost sad to want to become a lawyer when everything you learn can go by the wayside….

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