Paatalo: How MERS Screwed UP Title for Unsuspecting Homeowner

From Bill Paatalo:
This is an interesting law journal article. I hadn’t realized that MERS destroys the title and value of all properties that border other properties with MERS on title. This is everyone’s problem, not just those facing foreclosure.

Because MERS is utilized for transferring title and these transfers are not publicly recorded (thereby imparting constructive notice), MERS does not comply with race (first in time) or (constructive or actual) notice statutes and, therefore, senior/junior property rights cannot be determined when a discrepancy arises in property boundaries lines.  Consider the following:
 What happens if the chain of title cannot be determined because there are no accurate and publicly recorded deeds/title documents showing chain of title to determine senior and junior rights designations for boundary determinations between neighbors?
 What happens when you destroy the adjoining property rights and records of homeowners who never defaulted on their mortgages are now forced to litigate boundary disputes and property rights?
 Why did the title insurance companies repeatedly refuse to underwrite foreclosures if land title was stable?

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3 Responses

  1. Interesting could b another component of social equity and community harm homeowner activists r pushing

  2. Title companies are essential part of this scam. They KNOW everything that is going on and they intentionally cover for Big Banks fraud.

    Moreover, they also use sham conduits to sell defective Title Insurances from major Title Companies like First American Title whose Senior VP is also MERS Senior VP; or Stewart Title who is owned by Black Knight /LPS/DocX President (also Fidelity Title President William Foley.

    Which creates a fatal conflict of interest – but borrowers are not aware about it as well as they don’t even know WHO actually sell them Title Insurance policy until they receive it in the mail.

    Title Company’s mission is to mislead borrowers that they enter into a traditional “home purchase” not into a concealed robbery scheme.

  3. Title companies do not want to assume liability for bank fraud. Can’t blame them, and they know more than what they say.

    That leaves the borrower liable for bad title. And, modifications have not helped the situation.

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