Tonight! How we will all win this time when the second foreclosure tidal wave hits 6PM EDT 3PM PDT

Fundamentally, we must accept and acknowledge the fact that if we don’t get it right this time, we are condemning ourselves to despair and economic disaster. It’s coming. And this time we know what is wrong. 

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I have been right on every point since 2006. I correctly predicted the collapse and even the order of collapse of certain investment banks, the foreclosure tidal wave of 2008-11, the ways to beat foreclosures, I won foreclosure cases both as lead attorney and as consultant to other attorneys, and now I’m predicting a new tidal  wave of foreclosures. Wall Street loves foreclosures but nobody else does. It’s all there on video, in print, on radio. I was right.
So tonight we are talking about how to prepare for the new wave of foreclosures. Even homeowners who think they are current on their payments might want to listen in to this because foreclosures depress property values, decrease tax revenue, and cause mayhem in housing, crime and hardship.
We can pretend that we are over Covid and that economic problems are behind us, but it just isn’t true. We have a huge new wave of corona cases coming on top of the existing one which is projected to cause at least 200,000 deaths by October 1. That will force shutdowns even though nobody wants it. The current ridiculous behavior of the stock market will turn very dark as we head into unknown territory — corporate earrings decreasing, some entire industries vanishing, and huge losses for new bored investors who decided to go into stock market investing as a replacement for their gambling habits.
So for those of you who prefer to be human and not pretend to be Ostriches with your head buried in the sand I suggest you listen up. You can’t have 40 million people file for unemployment and not have deep long lasting consequences — particularly as it relates to new foreclosure attempts by investment banks who have no right to do it.
Neil F Garfield, MBA, JD, 73, is a Florida licensed trial attorney since 1977. He has received multiple academic and achievement awards in business and law. He is a former investment banker, securities broker, securities analyst, and financial analyst.
NOTE: THE MORATORIUM ONLY DELAYS THE INEVITABLE. The banks will foreclose if they are allowed to do so. The proceeds are pure profit for them. There is no order forgiving missed payments. And the reason for that is that there would first need to be an administrative finding of fact that the debts are owed in which the creditors are identified.
If they could do that the banks and investors would be delighted to see a bailout of homeowners for a few months or even a year. But they can’t do that because the initial sale to investors was not a sale of any homeowner transaction or debt. Securitization of residential debt never happened.

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  1. Ha — like it Summer — defund the courts — that would actually help the protesters, but they have to protest MORE issues. Youngsters don’t understand. IT IS MORE than they understand. . .

  2. And how wonderful that America has independent, impartial judges (whose relatives are not bankers and realtors) who are always willing to stood for the Law and confront Big Banks fraud upon the Court.

    Just kidding.

    Judges already sent about 30 million homeowners on the street in exchange of huge “donations” from Banks lawyers and returns on Judicial investments.

    We all know that Banks own the Court and the Government and they will cover and fix fraudulent foreclosures as usual. They do it with total impunity for 20 years.

    40 million more will be on the streets very soon.

    Some States want to defund and dismiss police. I am wondering why Courts are not included.

  3. Agree. And, Neil, yes you have been here for a long time telling us all what actually happened. All was covered up. Look to WHO covered up.

    Profit motivation is not stopped despite an horrible pandemic that many ignore. Wish you the best tonight!!

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