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  1. Yes Summer. But Dems — the “House” – what have they done about it? This was their “bills” — did they not anticipate this? I am now seeing people who got forbearance, and are in foreclosure status. Don’t count on Trump to figure this out. It is Dems “bills.”

    Are our political parties agreeing on this?

  2. This is that I said from the beginning. CARES Act is the same scam as Cease and Desist Order in 2011 and National Mortgage Settlement.

    Democrats will play this card before election – and secretly tell Banks to flood all Courts with fraudulent foreclosures probably starting as of yesterday.

    Hush, hush, rush, rush

    It is all staged. All moratoriums and forbearance are fakes.

  3. Ian — AGREE!!! Check my math – at average of 200,000 per home – that is 3.8 trillion just for principal? Never good with zeros. But, I think number may be even larger. And, finding more evidence that the “last transaction” was NOT the beginning. It is massive. Thanks!!!

  4. I believe that of the 19 million subprime mortgages written, 12-13 million ha e been foreclosed , and the credit default swaps are still outstanding against them. And the entities who hold them have to cash them in before a gloss reset of the financial/monetary system.

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