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  1. Brian — not good enough.

  2. Before the Virus…folks

    Total U.S. household debt reached a record $14.3 trillion after increasing by $155 billion, or 1.1%, in the first quarter of 2020, according to the Fed’s Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit.

    Yahoo finance…today. This is a massive problem.

  3. Poppy — well put!! Only problem with seniors is — especially where I am – they are not allowed out.!!!

    This pandemic is crazy. Why are so many asymptomatic?? Even some seniors??!!!! .Think something is being missed.

  4. Refuse to use the word “seniors”…people with wisdom and experience have great value. Everything isn’t about brawn and the perception of invincibility. Youth is wonderful, in its infancy, wonder and idealistic ideas, but lacking in understanding of the nuances, surprises and the unforgiving nature of things. Our politicians are lifetime appointments now. They get rich off the spoils of quid pro quos’, lobbyists, special interests and private contractual awards….this “must stop”. We need fresh blood, age IMHO is a non-issue, of course you must have cognitive ability. I am independent and have no party affiliation for good reason, look at the arrogance and complacency of what we have in office. Disgraceful!

    Legislation does work…we have countless individuals that have enabled change and fought hard to right wrongs. Look at Ralph Nader, the MADD organization, John Walsh, Rosa Parks, the list is long and distinguished.

    As I have said multiple times, the pandemic is significant of the cracks-fissures in our system. The complacency and waste of government, unchecked. This virus is showing us why we are weakened….why we are unprepared. A nation of debtors faulters…it is unsustainable. If we do not demand better, it will not improve. Every time this “current” government gives us something, they take it back in another way.

    Transparency is not just a word or cliche, it really means something. This country is being manipulated, lied to by the very people we elected…”Public Servants”…they are our employees. They are not entitled to anything. Unless we start putting the squeeze on them, nothing will change. As a matter of fact, unchecked this will worsen.

    I have heard more than one politician say “the pandemic is the perfect time to transform America”…OUR COUNTRY, and as Biden said: I DON’T WORK FOR YOU…Is that right, Joey? Are we as a country worth fighting for? Me, a resounding yes…

  5. “I wish that I knew what I know now
    When I was younger” Thanks Rod Stewart. .

    It is for the the youngsters to run. But those Millennials have a different perspective.

    Family member overheard a young police officer standing on line just when virus pandemic hit say —

    “Hey, I am and young and healthy,. No fear for me.’

    Family member responded –
    “well if the seniors are gone, and we have to rely on Millenials – you are in big trouble.”

    I don’t think all Millenials are this way. Daughter not like that. But run for office? No way!! Restaurants most important to Millennials. You know what? Important for all of us. Big spenders – and biggest targets – and who also bail out Millennials – are seniors. Oh – and how do we define “senior?” 50? 60? 70? umm – 45? 90 in a nursing home – where no care is given?

    Sorry — just personal thoughts — wish I was younger, and I would do. Regret did not pursue when younger and I had the opportunity.

    But Neil is right – NOW is the time. What the world needs now – is not just for some – but for everyone. Tired of being forgotten by government inadequacy.

    Now is the TIME. Anyone want to run — I will help too. . . .

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