Have towns been profiting from abandoned properties?

One of the things that I have always wondered about was why cities, towns, counties and states did not take a far more aggressive attitude toward Wall Street banks in the mortgage meltdown. In particular why they didn’t attack false claims in foreclosures that were based upon fabricated, forged, backdated, and false documentation.

Like in Arizona in 2008-9 where I was personally instrumental in developing a plan that had approval from all levels of government and that could have resulted in recovery of huge sums of money that were due for taxes, fees, stamps and everything else. I always assumed someone was actually making money on the deal but I could not figure out who that was until I read this article.

You see, I thought it was axiomatically true that the excess money received over the amount due was supposed to be turned over to the homeowner. That is true in mortgage foreclosures. But it turns out that there are at least some instances where towns profit from the sale of properties sold to satisfy tax liens.

So if the foreclosure of the tax lien is completed the town sells the property to a third party. Usually the reason for the sale is that the property has been abandoned because the property is worth less than the lien.  So the usual thing that would happen is that the town would sell the property for less than the amount owed on the tax lien.

But that isn’t what is happening. the sales of some properties acquired through foreclosure of tax liens is sometimes vastly higher than the amount due on the lien. And I think by shifting the unopposed foreclosure to an unopposed tax lien case there might be a sizable amount of money being made by towns, cities and counties — and maybe some intermediaries and insiders.

In New Hampshire at least that is not the law and I wondering about other places. And I am wondering about whether people have formed illicit alliances that weaponized the tax lien foreclosure process. Inquiring minds want to know.

In this article the town made a hefty profit and kept the money, as it had been permitted to do under state law. But the New Hampshire state court declared that law as authorizing an illegal taking without compensation — violating both state and federal constitutions.

see https://www.unionleader.com/news/courts/supreme-court-rules-that-towns-cant-profit-off-sales-of-tax-deeded-properties/article_ae3b6df7-c510-5dee-9a69-31b798741529.html


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  1. thecompanyofcreators, you are right on all points…and I vehemently agree legislation is key.

    Further, you can hold any office in this country, with no background check, drug test, competency test, etc…while the entire country of citizens at one level or another have to pee in a cup, take a competency exam [pay for it out of your on pocket], have evaluations, get licenses, etc…right down to fishing on a dock, while other countries scrape the ocean clean…our politicians are enemies of the State-Constitution.

    And these state courts have zero jurisdiction over these trusts. Matter of fact in non-judicial states these magistrates are woefully inadequate, selling our houses to strangers of the contract and getting away with it.

    I see what you see…now, what are we going to do about it?

  2. Wow, why is my comment not posting???? Hmm perhaps it is a bit too truthful? Trying again”
    Well that is a bit strange considering that most property tax is based upon false presumptions and falsification of the public record and conversion of private property into commercial taxable property under the guise of “real” property or “real estate” without providing the necessary documentation that the individual who owns the property “alloidial” (“in his own right, without any overlord”) transferred the entire property over to some legal entity subject to the State and being used for taxable for profit business licensed by the state and subject thereto.
    No lien, no perfected lien, no record of transfer to an entity derived from and subject to the state. In fact in one of my cases they filed only two documents to the court, one was the statement of sale by some person of the county, without any supporting document showing that she was authorized by the one who owns it (me) to sell such property.
    The second paper filed was an abstract of title .. and guess who is listed as the one who owns the property? ??? yup me in my proper upper and lower case given proper name, no other, no lien, no perfected lien and court adjudication as to the validity of the alleged non-existent claim/lien by the state or anyone.!!!
    So one must conclude that our courts all of them have been infiltrated and are engaged in the theft of property and rights to the demise of the people “giving aid and comfort to the enemy”.

    BUT we have a simple effective solution… why is no one talking about it or moving on it?????? It is called “Continued Competency Training” (CCT) in which are required testing as to their Knowledge, Understanding and Accurate Use of the “principles” upon which this and “any Form of Government is derived from, purposed for, subject to and “bound thereby”.
    Truck drivers drive all day and night and yet every six months they must pass driving tests. Nurses have to take and pass classes and dozens of other professions and positions have similar requirements yet those who presume to hold the most precious of positions of public trust have no screening for Qualifications “to support this Constitution”. It is impossible to “support” something if you do not believe in it!!! You can “protect” or even “defend” it but you do not have to believe in it. However, in order to “support” the Constitution you must believe in it as “the supreme law of the land” and the principles upon which it is founded.. “That to secure these Rights Governments are instituted” and “to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    So people no more complaints, no more articles exposing the criminal enterprises that have hijacked virtually every facet of our government for the clear intent to harm and deprive and kill the American people and the people of the world, until we get legislation instituted that requires all those holding any position of public trust to be required to be periodically trained and tested for Qualification to hold the position and Competent to provide the services required of the position in accord with the “principles” “any Form of Government is subject to.

    Can it be done? YES! Look AT VIRGINIA, in about a week or two the people went to the legislature and caused them to pass legislation securing the rights of the people to have and to bear arms in opposition to the Governors attempt to take them away. All but two counties did this and as such their rights are secured. All we have to do is the same thing here. In the other states you can get enough signatures (please add 20% more because they invariably reduce the number by finding fault with some of the signatures… in fact I’d go 30% more just to be safe) then it goes onto the ballot and is voted on directly by the people. How do you think we got marijuana “legalized” (its always been legal and lawful just that the unlawful activities under unlawful code, improperly applied to the people (Government has no jurisdiction over people (its creators) only over legal entities derived from it, is subject to it!!!!)
    So once again it is up to we “the people to alter or abolish it and institute new government, laying its foundation upon these principles…” and institute positive law to fulfill the Constitutional requirement “shall be bound by oath or affirmation to support this Constitution” subject to the Perpetual, Irrevocable Express Trust, founding document from which “any Form of Government” is derived from, purposed for, subject to and “bound thereby”, namely “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America”.
    Wake up and let’s get this done and let it “clean house” of all the evil traitor “enemy within”. Blessings to all who love Creator and justice and freedom for all.

  3. Brian-
    Only a creditor can make a credit bid- that’s where massive massive fraud comes into play. I guess no one has heard of black letter law. Disgusting.

  4. And Brian — I don’t have these parties. But I know that AHMSI changed name to Homeward Residential in 2012. Then “master servicing” went to Ocwen. Then to New Residential, backed by Fortress, Oh — that’s gone. Soft Bank now. Not in USA. This was all after government stepped in . Exactly what did government step in for?
    Still trying to figure that out.

    And there were settlements with Homeward – geez – as late as 2016. . Oh — borrowers not included. Whoops. Attorneys made money. The borrowers? Left out in the cold as always. And note the 40% of people noted in video. Not small change.

    Again — just in case any one here thinks a “personal” story – nope – I did not have these parties. But who knows? Who really knows what parties you have????


  5. Brian — I know. Just reminding people I don’t know how to get this Rick (with Wilbur) video so more can see.

    It eats away at me. I remember it. I watched it.

  6. @ANON ,

    Wilbur was complete and utter scum before 2008 … His main business was buying data lists of defaulted credit card borrowers (never bought the debt , just the names) and illegally sued MILLIONS of people for amounts too small to hire a lawyer to defend against … Then in 2008 he went upscale and decided instead of suing 1M people for $2k each he would start a “servicer” , buy “servicing rights” to defaulted notes and sue 1M people for $300K each… he did that until 2014? when he sold out to AHMSI…

  7. I just can’t stand recalling Rick S — “Let’s reward people who can carry the water, and not drink the water.” A public outrage by Mr. Rick in 2009. Posting again in case anyone missed. And now what will the government do with this pandemic? Everyone is drinking the water? And don’t buy this “senior” stuff – nursing homes were a disaster before the virus. Spills over to hospitals – who push back to nursing homes as fast as they can. That is where the “senior” problem comes in.

    Thank you to – Attorney General in Massachusetts -veterans should not die without dignity. And to the National Guard for coming forward on nursing home conditions. Rick — now what do you say? Another Rant? Would love to hear it.

  8. Absolutely they are. Especially the sheriff department made out like a bandit on each Fraudclosure. Wake up , it’s your neighbors who are the hammering the final nail in your coffin !!!!

  9. Ian ,

    You are 100% spot on. I very publicly bid against the “bank” and their credit bid at 16 different sales (2013) and filed objections to each sale … Orange County Florida IMMEDIATELY shut down the open outcry auctions for 4 months and had a company develop a web auction system for them… It’s obvious that the courts know the plaintiff/bank is unrelated to any creditor and that money is finding it’s way back to the judges and connected individuals…

    At a point halfway through the auction the head judge was summoned and observed the proceedings. Go figure…

  10. Thanks for that Ian!!! Nothing would surprise me! I would love to hear those stories!!! Many, I am sure, do not want them told.

  11. Each of Pennsylvania’s 67 county courthouses have their own hierarchy, people in power, people who grant favors, people you don’t want to cross, and similar.
    They are all in the business, at some level, of dealing with numerous made up laws, rules and regulations that most US citizens never come into contact with. And they are either enforced or not enforced, arbitrated or cast aside, depending on who you are. As a result, these laws are in effect, of little or no meaning to the average Joe.

    In regard to the sale of tax sale foreclosures, it wouldn’t surprise me if the lawyers or judges in each county are getting the homes for free, and flipping them for fun and profit.
    I do know that no one at any level of government does anything, anything at all, unless their constituents scream in large numbers. My wife worked in the DC office of a senator, majority leader, and told me stories. Lots of stories.

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