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For 20 years homeowners have been losing their homes based upon the deep seated belief that despite all the fraud, fabrications and even perjury, somehow the foreclosures are giving money back to people who paid for transactions that were loans. But for the banks, this has strictly been an exercise in profit making from the issuance and trading of securities based upon data descriptions and not, as they would have you believe, the sale of any loans.

So foreclosure sales have not produced sales proceeds of money that was forwarded to anyone who paid money for the debt. And under current black letter law in all jurisdictions that means that the foreclosures were and continue to be illegal. To achieve acceptance of this understanding a massive effort must be undertaken to educate the public and  judges and lawmakers about the true nature of what Wall Street has been calling securitization.

I have advocated for combining resources to mount a real challenge and to stop this process. Everyone seems to agree. The issue is whether there are  enough people who are willing to step up and be part of a movement that must grow large enough to beat back the entrenched interests of the largest banks in the world.

I don’t know what the answer is but there appears to be only way to find out. Let’s stop guessing. So I will carefully monitor incoming communications regarding this effort. We’ll see if a collective action is possible. If not, the situation will remain the same — each homeowner with limited resources out for themselves. Send your comments to

Good luck to all of us.

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  1. Stay Connected and SPREAD the word:

    “I am in.”

    Java — understood.

  2. I am ready
    They stole my last year because the lawyers don’t want to do discovery because then they it will be proof the plaintiff had no standing and there will have to be a trial and no big buck payoff by the plaintiffs. Even though in mossy foreclosure cases judges are setting trials and there is no original documents to take the home. No one cares. This is theft and we need restitution. Don’t expect any others lawyers to join. You may shut down their practice with this suit. The end of illegal foreclosures what a fantasy

  3. I’m in.

  4. Of course I’m in. Just cannot promise I will be on good behavior vs. the Banksters or their puppets in courts dressed in robes…

  5. I’m interested. Ready and able to participate.

  6. I checked the local paper last week and see that NBS DEFAULT SVCS is foreclosing on homes in my area at a rapid rate. These thugs foreclosed on me without any legal assignment due to the Trustee was US Bank and all fraud as you all well know by now! HELL yes! Let’s go to war against all of the Banksters!!

  7. Really happy to see so many people are interested. Keep spreading the word too!!!!!

    We have had ENOUGH!!!

  8. Ready willing and able in New Jersey.

  9. I’ve been in the trenches since October 25, 2007 – timely invoked a statutory TILA rescission (15 USC sec 1635), held tender for the ‘lender’ for a year who never came forward then successfully obtained a disallowance judgment against a phony ‘servicer’ PHH Mortgage Corporation in May 2010 – who nonetheless pursued judicial proceedings anyhow – without a federal court order or permission in 2010 – fighting alone since 2010 – 2020 during this pandemic – my home was unlawfully ‘sold’ and everything I own – everything – illegally confiscated – stolen by ‘new’ owners who bought it on – who stole ever single possession stating they were allowed to cause they ‘bought’ my home and everything in an on the land . . . for a mere $33,000 – everything . . . including titled vehicles… I’m in and ready to fight – whose leading the charge? Neil I hope. BTW one case like this could fund several cases.

  10. I have been fighting foreclosure for six years. I have thoroughly educated myself on foreclosures and the securitization process — with much thanks to Neil Garfield, — his information is INVALUABLE.

    Please count me in on any group effort that takes on the banks. We need unity to be effective as a people. We must counter their billions of dollars with millions of united citizens. Unity has always been the people’s most potent weapon.

  11. We are ready to engage….and still have several cases in the balance that could be adjudicated in a matter of months….
    Let’s do battle.

  12. I’m interested

  13. I have been advocating this for several years after I got attacked by nasty, crooked, corrupt Bank of America when they notified me back in 2008 that they were either the transferred lender or servicer. This was the same year that our government allegedly took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under the FHFA and an agency called GSE.
    Funny how some states like Montana have really stepped up in defense of homeowners while states like Colorado have done little in my experience to help.
    Colorado did finally step up at the appeals court level in GEORGE ET AL. VRS. URBAN SETTLEMENT SERVICES, INC. AND BANK OF AMERICA. This is exactly what Urban and B of A did to me, but the attorneys limited the number for the class action suit which I refused to be a part of and it died on the vine apparently as nothing had apparently transpired since the appeals court allowed the case to proceed.
    The attorneys probably got a settlement for pennies on the dollar while making thousands if not millions for themselves. Our good old justice system (I should say injustice system) at work.
    I don’t think anything can survive without a clear majority of good, honest, and caring attorneys banding together state wide to finally take on the big money and plethora of crooked, greedy lenders. Semper Fi.

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