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COVID-19 topics discussed on the Show today are as follows:

– How states are issuing both in judicial and non-judicial foreclosure states foreclosure and eviction moratoriums of various kinds;

– How borrowers can potentially bring in California declaratory or injunctive relief lawsuits if any notice of default (NOD) is filed against them at this time, on the basis that such an NOD per se violates Governor Newsome’s order to ‘shelter in place’ statewide, which among other things prohibits public gatherings. This order therefore makes holding foreclosure auctions impossible in California, without violating this order;

– How states such as California are closing or limiting access to county recorders, and the implications this has for the recording of notice of defaults (NODs), and Notice of Trustee’s Sales (NOTSs); – How court access both Federal and State is being heavily restricted and what this means for borrowers, from both a positive and negative point of view; – Bill will discuss the COVID-19 impact on forensic loan audits and the intel gathering he does in his investigative work on behalf of borrowers;

– Expanding on what Neil discussed last week in his own coronavirus update show, how legal procedure potentially will change in the coming months to accommodate a more virtual access to courts, legal procedure, etc, which will have impacts both positive and negative for borrowers;

3 Responses

  1. Ian – you are absolutely corect.( I don’t care about typos). Something really odd going on. And, if you are not in NYC tri-state area, or Louisiana or Texas or Florida or others who are inheriting the NYC transport (CA has their own) you do not understand. Crisis in NYC and surrounding areas, and areas that New Yorkers have escaped to. What is happening now as to mortgages, and economy, should have been addressed over ten years ago. It was not.

    Our government failed us then, and fails us now. NYC should be shut down for domestic travel. It was not. And travel they did – can’t blame ’em. But it did not help. Massive hospital crisis in NYC. now spreading. And, may I remind – those taking up the facilities, in the majority, are 54 and younger. So – whether you die or not is not the only issue, as health care facilities were ill-prepared and are broken.
    38 year old health care manager died in NYC – no ventilator available for him. It is horrible.

  2. I apologize for the typos in the comment below.

  3. While all the remote or online or virtual solutions to this pandemic seem to make sense for those trying to do business or simply do their job while sheltering in place, this is just going to make all the mortgage and foreclosure related problems worse.
    Up to this point, and especially leading up to the crash in 08,
    When someone was required to physically witness a signing of documents, they didn’t. Just forged it. And now, they aren’t even required to have documents physically witnessed? I can see where this will lead.
    Same with mortgage closings: “we’ll send you a hard copy: we are just going to put you on hold for a minute ( and transfer your signature electronically you this second set of documents we dummies up”: and here you go, here’s your copy of the closing docs. They won’t be the ones you signed, but you’ll never know that.
    And so on and so forth. The UETA was never enforced and that was required back in 1998 I think.

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