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We are at the beginning of an epidemic. As usual information has been scarce and only highly placed government officials and scientists are in possession of the real data, and analysis and projections. What we do know is that more and more local governments and businesses are leading the way to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. Among those steps have been enforced  social distancing, closing malls, bars, restaurants, cruises and flights, and various forms of moratoriums on evictions, foreclosure filings, and other legal proceedings.

Neil hosts tonight show with tips on how to use this short window of opportunity to your advantage and some tips on how to avoid getting trapped into thinking that the foreclosure is gone.

A good time to start the challenge is with each new statement or notice received from some third party claiming the right to administer, collect, service or enforce your debt. Starting early brings the best results. And the best results are when the homeowner wins the case.

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  1. Thank you Neil. Thank you for keeping us alive with the mortgages – or lack there of — and for keeping us informed with all that is going on. Thank you for connecting us – we the people. We will get through this, and will move forward with a vengeance. .

    Have a good show.

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