Virtual Depositions in Post Corona World

Just a friendly reminder that it is now easier than ever to conduct virtual depositions from the comfort of your home work-space.

See Veritext | Court Reporting Agency

I just received their email promoting their service and I wanted to personally encourage lawyers to prepare for and take deposition testimony not only in a notice of deposition for also in subpoenas for deposition. It isn’t that big a deal to set it up and it ramps up pressure on your opposition. Make sure you have strong arguments for your subpoena of any specific individual. Whatever you do, your efforts will be not only opposed but ridiculed whenever possible.

Basically you want them to explain who owns the subject debt and how they came to own it. Then explore the relationships between the various third party “vendors” and the name used to state or proffer a claimant. I don’t think they can explain it without admitting to a conspiracy to commit illegal acts.

Select people who should know even if they don’t know anything. This game is all about plausible deniability and contrived ignorance. Challenge that and they will fold. This is no magic bullet. It takes tedious work to prepare for and take testimony at a deposition and a good strategic plan. You don’t want to ask questions that merely prepare the other side for trial.


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  1. This is exactly that I plan to do with PennyMac – make a conference call with Caliber, MERS and maybe with Ginnie Mae too, and demand answers who “sold” my performing loan to PennyMac, a distress debt buyer who told me that Ginnie Mae does not sell performing loans.

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