Rubber Stamping Lying Liars and Their Lying Lawyers

It will take a political movement to force the state bar associations to address this issue.

Bill Paatalo writes:

Just filed by Russ Baldwin to the Oregon Supreme Court. The excerpts by the court are priceless. Here the court flat out catches the bank lawyers lying to the court and providing false declarations, yet signs off anyway. Up the chain it goes, and the Appellate court does the same. The court states that if attorneys cannot be trusted, the whole system falls apart, yet proceeds to let the system “fall apart.”
The question is obvious – if the foreclosures were in anyway legitimate in terms of who was attempting to foreclose, there would be no need to resort to perjury and fraud upon the court.
“The circuit court opined:
THE COURT: So here’s — you know, frankly, here’s my concern. I
can’t tell you how many foreclosure defaults I sign a month. And all I’ve got
in a default situation is reliance on the integrity of the lawyer that’s
submitting it, right? Because there’s no way I can go behind and figure out.
If people put an affidavit in there that says they — no one said they were
going to appear and we did the publication and it’s all — I sign it, right?
And the end result is if you do that wrong, like let’s say there was no
lawyer in this case, the end result would have been that this house would
have been foreclosed on and who knows how long it would have been before
the issue came up, if at all. Because different defendants have different
abilities to even identify the issue, right?
* * *
THE COURT: What — what happened? Why, after defense counsel
called I guess it was your office and spoke with somebody and said I’m
going to appear, why, in a million years, would somebody then file for a
default judgment after knowing they didn’t serve properly? I mean, all you
have to do is look and you know, ooh, this publication is wrong. Not — it’s
nothing to take much to look at it. You just see that it’s not even in Lane
County and you know. And then make these false declarations.

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  1. You bet Louise…I asked for a retainer document, anything to verify who the party was working for. My best guess, most of the lawyers have never met or spoken to the “party” claiming an interest. The lawyers should be admonished and forced to provide documents from their employer. This judge, in my humble opinion, like so many others, should have at least continued the case, until they brought evidence of their representation….or sanctioned the lawyers. This is way out of control. I have to date, 16 lawyers representing the same “alleged” party. “why would they need 16 lawyers against me”? This is a question alone that should be asked. So much wrong with all of this…the three stooges could figure this out!

  2. All lies right the beginning at loan origination.

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