Coronavirus Covid19 and Foreclosures

I’m getting questions about moratoriums etc. Here are the best answers I can give.

  1. There is no moratorium — at least not yet.
  2. There are increasing reports about sheriffs delaying forcible removals from homes simply because of the risk to the sheriffs and the risk to the communities of displacing people from their homes and all their belongings.
  3. Many courthouses are either shutdown or restricting activities to essential functions. This does not mean that foreclosures can’t be electronically filed in many jurisdictions.
  4. Foreclosure activity is slowing but that only means a spike later when they catch up and exacerbated by people who may lose their jobs.
  5. Anyone entering a foreclosed home is entering a space with unknown risks. That is especially true where people have been recently dispossessed. Investors beware!
  6. At this point anyone going to a courthouse is taking a big risk and anyone coming back from a courthouse is risking the health and lives of others.
  7. There is no legal restriction against filing documents that initiate or pursue foreclosures (other than the fact that most of them are illegal.)
  8. Stay safe and sane! Use any delay you get to prepare the fight!

3 Responses

  1. Poppy — ya gotta laugh — thank you.

  2. Maybe they can send the inmates to the judges houses…birds of a feather, ya know?

  3. I n Maine here, we have a larger court house where they abide by law more and I called there this morning !
    what they have told me is that my mediation is cancelled until May.
    They said, ‘ all civil and criminal are suspensded becasue they are trying to figure out what to do with inmates ? But I will surely follow it up with a letter… I still wantto hire you but have had some health issues that took my attention for now.

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