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We were planning the launch of the new series of Garfield Continuum Seminars in June at the place where we began in 2008 — Santa Monica CA. But people in recent days have indicated an unwillingness to travel to a live event.

We were prepared anyway to go ahead with 1-2 hour webinars but we need actual feedback from lawyers, pro se homeowners, investigators, and loan examiners as to their availability or interest in attending live events or live webinar events or recorded webinar events.

So without cost or obligation of any kind, give me your best feedback on what we should do:


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  1. Ian – Absolutely Correct!!!!!!

  2. When I used to read Default Servicing News continuously for years, I never once saw where a servicer had purchased NPLs, only MSRs. And always for less than 10 cents on the dollar.
    Servicers purchasing NPLs (as per Java’s link yesterday) is for public consumption, to keepnthe big lie going. The mortgage loans have been put up for sale and sold.

  3. Who do the servicers work for? Do they own anything? How are they acquiring the debt, if they own it, from the seller, depositor of the trust or other…(did they buy the residual certificates or NPL’s)? What is their place in the tier? Overall, agree with other ideas…easy access and cost matter.

  4. Would like you to get a lot of people across the Country involved in a seminar to make it reasonably priced with a part of it sharing information via texting and live. I ask doctors lawyers and Indian chief if the know about foreclosure, nobody knows. It is a big fat secret. I use to go on calls that was the pajama room. It start at 10pm and need whenever. Sharing news across the Country and practice trials for people going to Court that week. If awareness is not brought back the Judges get get away ruling anyway they want. Protest should be held at Courts and Sheriff sales. Homeowners are still being lied to that this is their fault and they never fight back. We need to get in the news and get the word out by mouth by spreading the word.

  5. Need seminars to include how to intervene and access the U.S. Government. Will these seminars include? Need info provided in bulk to Government – not “bulk transfers” to junk debt buyers. Government has.


  6. You need to get with the times, and use modern technology and use “Zoom calls” to host all your seminar and everything else you are doing.. Saves cost for everyone!

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