Tonight! Everything there is to know about foreclosure of securitized loans in 30 minutes. 6PM EST 3PM PST the Neil Garfield Show

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Tonight’s Show Hosted by Neil Garfield, Esq.

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Syllabus for Webinars Covered in Brief

  1. What Trust? An overview of securitization
  2. TILA Rescission
  3. Why Lawyers Should Get Involved
  4. You signed, didn’t you? Legal Presumptions
  5. Absence of evidence: Discovery strategies and tactics
  6. Objection! Lack of  foundation! Rules of evidence and objections
  7. Illegal (wrongful) Auction Sale: Proactive litigation
  8. You want me to leave? Defending Eviction and Unlawful Detainer
  9. Bankruptcy and foreclosure
  10. How do I prove? Understanding legal procedure
  11. That’s wrong! How to figure out the truth. Investigation, affidavits and reports.
  12. But your honor! What to do with the truth
  13. $$$$$!: BUSINESS PLANS: For Paralegals and Attorneys: How to Make Money Defending Foreclosures AND Going After the Banks
  14. Disgorgement remedies
  15. Injunctive remedies -Prohibitive and Mandatory
  16. Q&A
  17. Panel discussion
  18. Watering Hole discussion, meet and greet, network
  19. Appellate practice
  20. Mediation, Modification and Settlement

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