Read Paatalo’s Post If you Are Having Trouble Believing What I am Telling You

Everyone has trouble believing what happened under the “securitization” scheme concocted on Wall Street. Bottom Line: It was “extralegal” which is why it is “counterintuitive.” It is not legally possible to own a debt without paying value for it. It IS that simple. When confronted with a direct challenge Bill is right, they flee like cockroaches when the lights come on.

Read what Bill wrote and you’ll see what I mean. There just isn’t anyone who has paid value in exchange for ownership of any debt.



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  1. Everyone — You have to not only know that all this has occurred — you have to know WHY and HOW it occurred. How did they get away with it? Why and HOW?? Why is easy — profit. HOW – not so easy. Complex. Too complex for our judges, but not our government. They know HOW.

  2. To all — I have been trying to show this and Court ignores. Whoever the judge was here — noticed “representation” – or lack there of. Been saying this awhile — QUESTION representation. Should be first issue on the plate. Do NOT accept “ABC trustee for XYZ BS Trust.” IT IS WRONG.

  3. Rotten to the core. They do not have a client that owns the debt so they make it up. Next deal is going to be: what can we sue them for after they have foreclosed.

  4. Ha! That’s a great admission by “an officer of the court”. Of course, had this not been brought to the court’s attention, this loser would have collected his fees and went on to the next individual targeted to have his home stolen with the court’s permission.

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