How to Get Help From Neil Garfield

Here is the way to get my input/involvement. [Although it is helpful to follow this procedure lawyers need not submit a registration form for a CONSULT.]

First pick one property and then submit a registration statement. If you want to talk about more than one property, which is probably not necessary in our initial consult, then submit a separate registration form for each property.
If you want to submit your registration form click on the following link and give us as much information as you can. CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION FORM. It is free, with no obligation and we keep all information private. The information you provide is not used for any purpose except for providing services you order or request from us.
Second, I will reply to the information you provide on your registration form via email. Usually within 24-48 hours. In my email to you I will suggest the next steps as to the property status, strategies and tactics. Note that each property usually involves a separate fact pattern as to timing and status of legal proceedings as well as players and timing of actions in origination and servicing.
After you have received my response and after your lawyer reads my response, then order a consult — 30 minutes for each property.
I receive many offers of engagement every day. In order to weed out the people who are looking for free individual service I need to adhere to certain practices that protect my time and the privacy of others. Every day I spend an hour or two of my time doing research, investigation and writing on topics relating to consumer finance. Everyday I spend about an hour answering questions from the blog and emails from desperate homeowners. GTC Honors, Inc. underwrites most of the cost of all that with some help from donations.
Spending that much time every day doing the legal research, factual investigation, analysis and writing enables me to understand the current issues, frame strategies and tactics to be used by homeowners and their attorneys, and do it in far less time than an attorney who has no experience with debts subject to claims of securitization.
In order to stay afloat I must charge for our services to individual clients.
Neil F Garfield, Esq. M.B.A., J.D.
GTC Honors, Inc.

954-451-1230 (This number goes to both the system and my cell, if available).

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  1. Thank you Neil. I know people can’t contribute as they would like as they are battling a system that has wiped them out.

    We really need your support to bring forward to the U.S. Government as a group or entity. Understand that the government “knows all,” but that is no longer acceptable as the fraud continues – and will continue at a more rapid pace as we battle Coronavirus and inevitable recession.

    How can we join forces in unity? Your expertise is greatly needed on a NATIONAL level. I believe that is our only hope. And, I believe your expertise will help get us there.


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