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David Luban of Georgetown University Law Center wrote an interesting article re the structure of Contrived Ignorance — involving complex business arrangements of all sorts — where in step one the party acting shields itself from unwanted knowledge, then in step two, performs actions which but for the lack of that knowledge, would be engaged in conduct subject to being interpreted as illegal, and or fraudulent, etc.

In recent discovery responses, MERS’s response to the question: identify the Holder in Due Course of the Note–which note was attached–was “MERS has no information as to which entity is or has been the holder in due course of the subject Note”. Which begs the question: How can MERS then be acting as a bona fide assigner of interest–even as an intermediary for other parties–when they have no knowledge re the bona fides of the assigning party? Contrived ignorance indeed!

On the Show today Charles and Bill will address how servicers are in some instances trying to pass themselves off in Bk court as the holder in due course of a note, without sufficient evidence, or any evidence in some cases.

This situation is analogous in some ways to where Bk courts have kept certificateholders of securitized mortgage trusts from enforcing any rights in Bk court, because their relationship to the Debtor is one of a ‘creditor to a creditor’–not a direct creditor to the debtor. On the contrary, these certificate holders are creditors only of the issuers of the trust notes (certificates). Mortgage servicers without contrary evidence are not even creditors of creditors, but servicing agents–payment collecting agents–for supposed holders of securitized mortgage trust notes.

Finally on the Show today Charles and Bill address a recent California Second Appellate court decision, in which it was decided that in certain cases during a deposition, the attorney for the deponent–the party being directed to answer questions–can and maybe should put their own client or other witness under direct examination–as in a full-blown trial. The holding for this comes from a non-foreclosure case, but is notable as the holding can potentially apply to foreclosure cases as well. The holding also potentially allows prior testimony given in other jurisdictions based on the same set of facts in the other proceeding, be used in a current proceeding. 

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  1. These guys don’t seem to know what they are talking about. In BK court, the servicer has been permitted by courts to appear and file a proof of claim as the creditor, because it supposedly the agent for the creditor.

    Secondly, it is palpable nonsense that one must be a holder in due course to put in a claim in a BK case. Examine any BK petition and you will see lots of debt collectors who are not the original creditors and lots of MBS ttees appearing as creditors but never claiming or being required to be holders in due course.

    Memo to Pataalo, Marshal, and Neil: if you can’t give good legal advice, don’t give any legal advice.

  2. Yeap, coronavirus…

    Which looks like another media hoax to divert public attention from the REAL problem – Big Banks genocide against American Nation and the entire World.

    Basically, every person is a banks’ slave who delivers their wealth to Big Banks under glimpse of “debt repayment”

    Here are statistics: The Global coronavirus death toll has now risen to over 2,000 as of Feb 27th 2020 (Two thousand!)

    Compare to CARvirus

    Car Accident Statistics – Highlights

    Over 40,000 fatal car accidents per year in the U.S.
    Each day, more than 90 Americans die in car accidents.

    Should we prohibit cars? Or make a media campaign against cars?

  3. Neil — we are dealing with nightmares. The so-called “trusts” were set up in violation of pilot programs instituted in early 2000’s. Period. The government knew this. This was not about a collapse caused by the “people” buying too much “House,” or using “House” as an ATM. This was about violation of “pilot” securities law. Plain and simple. However, there was so much “egg” on face as to no regulation – that the only choice was to blame homeowners – in order to save the “economy” and those with investments. That was insane. The victim “People” were left to battle the fraud – on their own. There is no government help available. We are talking over 40 percent of the American population victimized. It is this simple. Yet no one will acknowledge. They have bigger problems on hand now. Much bigger problems on hand now. Coronavirus. No one escapes fraud. Ultimately, one one way or another, it manifests. Disaster from onset.

    And contacted someone on list for symposium — they answer — get an attorney. Are they kidding? Have numerous attorneys. Contacted this person 12 years ago. They did nothing. But they have a policy influence? GEEZ. Get real.

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