Will Bernie Sanders Ruin Our Economy? — NO

And neither will any other presidential candidate. Lloyd Blankfein’s latest comment comes out of panic. Goldman Sachs was at the root of the 2008 pandemic. He knows that all of the pornographic profits collected by Goldman Sachs (some taxpayer funded — see AIG deal) are subject to clawback simply because they were illegally obtained on false pretenses.

I’m not endorsing anyone here. But what I have endorsed for 14 years is electing people who will simply enforce the rules we already have against the big investment banks on Wall Street. We don’t need new rules. We need to steer available resources into enforcement. That means educating the enforcers so they understand what they’re looking at.

In order to maintain a level playing field on a competitive field you need a referee. So the next President needs to be the enforcer in chief.

A President doesn’t need to be an expert in the securitization of debt. But she or he needs to be both curious and skeptical. If the information is coming from Wall Street don’t expect it to contain any data on what is going wrong. If people are suffering start asking why they are suffering.

If you want to see the latest about Wall Street panic just go to Twitter and you’ll see Blankfein’s tweet and responses from others.

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