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So without a lot of organizing, this is the result of my request for names of people who are helping people with foreclosure defense and who are recommended by several people. I offer no guarantee or endorsement  I am including these people because I have at least high hopes they accept engagements and will do the job.
This list is not complete. I’m sure I am leaving people out. Write to me at to make additions or corrections. See links below.
John Mike, Esq. — MD, VA, PA, NY, OH, AZ, FLA, CA
William (Bill) Paatalo, forensic investigator — all US jurisdictions
Beth Findsen, Esq.
Ronald Ryan, Esq. Bankruptcy
Stephen Lopez, Esq.
Charles Marshall, Esq.
Michale Moini, Esq.
Patricia Rodriguez, Esq.
Mark A. Ruiz, Esq.
David Seal, Esq.
Michale Yesk, Esq.
Victor Rodriguez, Esq.
DC Area
Gerard Uehlinger (Md only),
Peter Silva (Md, DC and VA)  and
Kellee Baker (Md and DC).
Christopher Brown, Esq.
Alvaro Llosa, Esq.
Michale Cohen, Esq.
James Ackley, Esq.
Michele S. Belmont, Esq.
Jonathan Benjamin, Esq.
Brad Essman, Esq.
Astride Gabbe, Esq.
George Gingo, Esq.
Patrick Giunta, Esq.
Bruce Jacobs, Esq.
Magen Kellam, Esq
Jose G. Oliveira, Esq.
James Orth, Esq.
Gilles Walters, Esq.
Daniel S. Khwaja, Esq.
David Kiah, Esq.
Elsa Diaz Alonso, Esq.
Bernie Becton, MBA, JD  paralegal
Ira Metrick, Esq.
Larry Sarlo, Loan auditor
Sheldon Farber, Esq.
Travis Collum, Esq.
Stacy Williams, Esq.
Bruce Broyles, Esq.
Webb Brewer, Esq.
Ernest J. Ciccotelli, Esq.



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  1. Thanks for putting this list of attorneys together–the other one you had on your site from 8-10 years ago is completely outdated and I didn’t have time to get you the updated info on who was still available (not many, if any).

  2. Tonycat — well said. It is not about finding an attorney – even the best must battle powerful corruption.

    Now — I will say, over and over, despite dispute from others – not the judges’ fault. They are just ill informed. The power against you influences the judges.

    The real problem is that the government let you battle the fraud yourself. And the cause for this is that representatives are la- la land, and refused to listen to your pleas. You are litigation? Will you shut you down. Not in litigation? Why not they will ask?. Catch 22. .

    Sean Hannity — you are great with certain things, but wake up. Forgotten man remains forgotten. Don’t tell us economy “BOOMIING” for others without looking at the fraud for massive victims. . I can’t get to Sean. Can someone else here?? Forgotten man remains – FORGOTTEN.

  3. This is what I have been saying all along. No lawyer will go up against the banks, the prejudiced judges, and the corruption. It is probably suicide to the lawyer’s practice to go up against what has been decided will be the ENTIRE legal profession’s viewpoint. That is, that the homeowner is responsible, he/she/they signed that “mortgage” deal, and if he/she/they quit paying, they should lose their house. And the judicial and governmental opinions are that the whole real estate and mortgage industry is still the same as 60 years ago, it has not changed! And that we homeowners who have been illegally foreclosed on, without proper representation, should just suck it up – it is too big a crime, and extends too deeply into our country’s governmental and political infrastructure. Too many important people would be exposed and shamed. Therefore over 20 million Americans who have had their lives destroyed should just grin and bear it, try to move on (which we cannot do since our FICO scores are all that matter anymore and those are destroyed!)

  4. 1 attorney in ALL of New York and New Jersey…. Mind Boggling !!!

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