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Sometimes the answer is right in front of you.

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In some cases you must hammer home the fact that the lawyers for the foreclosure mill have not presented a legal person who is submitted to the jurisdiction of the court. The court can’t rule for or against a lawyer who has no client. The lawyer simply has no business being in the room much less advancing a cause. And the court can’t rule for or against a lawyer’s position advocating the interests of a client who is not legally in court. Spectating from the back of the room doesn’t count.

But if you don’t stop the judge he or she will do it anyway. The rulings are made and entered in a n official court record in favor of parties that do not exist, or have not submitted themselves to the jurisdiction of the court or are simply unidentified until long after the judgment is entered.

This is not the court of Chancery in Bleak House by Dickens where lawyers get to argue motions when nobody knows or cares what the case is about after generations of “litigation”. But sometimes it feels that way.

Tonight we talk about how to detect whether there is anyone home on the side of the claimant — besides a lawyer promoting an idea rather than the valid claims of a client who is submitting itself to the jurisdiction of the court.

Practice Hint: In discovery ask the right questions like “Are you contending that US Bank has submitted itself to the jurisdiction of the court?” You’ll be surprised at the response. Ask the same question as to all of the other entities named  within the title of the claimant. Same response.

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  1. As I know 60% of Fannie Mae was owned by China. Trade petrol dollar was invested in long term bonds – our 30 years mortgage junk bonds. Foreign countries to include Greece and Iceland also fell victim to Chase infamous CDS trap. Not just negligent they can’t even begin to understand the treacherous and deceiving nature of these so called ‘investments’. Put it bluntly this whole set up is a scam. As I have said before there should be no SOL for crime against humanity. These countries got reimbursed or paid restitution? I don’t think so.

    I emailed urging TARP to banks was just corporate welfare. Obama used the phrase campaigning for banking system reform. Turned out he was put into office by Wall Street boys thus the nickname ‘Wall Street lap dog’. If that money was distributed to every American household it would have done mighty fine.

    Lack of knowledge by judges are their permissible defense. Lack of knowledge by laymen is their demise. Government has to ignore turn a blind eye simply because it is too much work digging into the dirt. Besides it is not to the government’s benefit if they really plunge into the heart of this massive problem… May have to do away with the mortgage industry and banking industry. You know that will NEVER happen.

  2. Courts are accomplices with this fraud, Without full judicial support banks cannot do anything, and now everyone except judges know about this fraud – yet Judges don’t care/

    I submitted whistleblowing tips to biggest Ginnie Mae’s investors, China, Japan, Taiwan who invested billions on Big Banks fraud; and encouraged them to conduct a full audit of so-called “Ginnie Mae Mortgage Backed Securities” and verify if they are actually backed by any loans and placed in any Trusts.

    I am tired to see how American working families are held hostages who will AGAIN pay for Banks scheme with fake Trusts.

    These money must benefit American economy and help American families, not bail out criminals and reimburse negligent investors, particularly foreign Countries who invested in HUD’s bonds.

  3. GREAT TOPIC. Judges should not be able to escape compliance. Client? State authority. No authority?? Don’t fake it. THIS is up to Courts. I have stood by and reluctantly defended Courts due to simple “lack of knowledge by judges.” But representation is fundamental, and should begin when anything is first filed. Judges should enforce – they are not. THIS is a major Court problem. THAT is their job.

    Why??? And why does government ignore??? Why do our representatives ignore? THAT is the basic question at the heart of the massive problems. .

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