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Foreclosure defense is getting more refined as an increasing number of lawyers and litigants are piecing together the true nature and deficiencies of securitization under current well-settled law.

Two facts remain in conflict: (1) foreclosure is legally impossible for a claimant who is not the owner of the debt by reason of having paid value for it (2) the courts have been inventing legal fictions to presume compliance with current law.

The situation is not unique. What is unique is that there is no effort to reform the law to allow securitization to proceed while at the same time protecting investors and borrowers as the real parties in interest. Until such changes are made the courts will be winking and nodding at fabricated documentation bearing no relation to the truth.

So many cases will continue to be won or settled favorably to homeowners in foreclosure for those who persist and are relentless in their pursuit of real evidence of ownership, fabrication, agency, the money trail and authority. It isn’t easy but it is happening with greater frequency than most people realize.

On today’s Show Charles Marshall will break out and break down an analysis of anticipated trends for 2020 in the following foreclosure-impacted litigation-related areas:

– Unlimited lawsuit litigation, with an emphasis on Plaintiff-borrower litigation in non-judicial foreclosure states like California;

– Appellate litigation in the foreclosure area, with a focus on the 9th Circuit and non-judicial foreclosure cases in the State Appellate Districts of California;

– Unlawful Detainer litigation, with a focus on California cases;

– Bankruptcy practice and litigation related to foreclosure issues;

– Novel and Cutting-edge approaches to the Foreclosure arena.

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  1. Have a nice show. Go into HOW the so-called “Trusts” were structured.


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