“Corridor Agreement” Opens More Questions on Role of BONY Mellon

SO BONY mellon is known to be named as “trustee” over what is probably a nonexistent trust with nonexistent beneficiaries since investors do not qualify as beneficiaries of any trust. The authority of BONY Mellon to represent “certificate holders” is never described in any allegations or exhibits. It is only a label.

Dig deeper and you will find actual trust agreements that are kept from court view, and still others like the “Corridor Agreement” which raises more questions than it could possibly answer found at https://www.lawinsider.com/contracts/dSu5MtwMEFKTTYLOTpEZs/cwabs-asset-backed-certificates-trust-2006-11/corridor-contract-administration-agreement/2006-08-08

Some quotes from the Corridor Agreement


             EDITOR'S NOTE: CHL is described as having some interest in some interest rate that appears
 to be a reference to the rate paid to certificate holders who received an unsecured
Promise to make payments to owners of certificates issued by Bear Stearns in the name
of a trust that either did not exist or barely existed with virtually no assets and certainly 
no ownership of loans. 

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  1. Nothin’ for nothin’, but I think the judges know as well. Impossible to not know from where I sit. Cost me emotionally, financially tens-of-thousands and the stress-hundreds of hours of labor-filing costs-3 lawyers, etc…yeah, all the fancy dancing and posturing, when in fact saying it like it is, works. Someone needs to. The entire burden has been put on homeowners and the courts allow the theft. ‘effin criminals is correct…land ownership is a thing of the past with lenders having all the rules in their favor and no actual “evidence” is needed to take possession of land that does not belong to them. No one seems to care unless it is happening to them…what everyone should know-it could be them-when they are selling your identity and payments to strangers.

  2. UKG,
    How do you really feel About the judges?!

  3. The JUDGES are the ones facilitating this crime against citizens. Bribes in the form of MERS SATISFACTIONS OF MORTGAGE are their tool.
    NO MONEY. NO BANK RECORDS, just a piece of paper between banks. My judge had his mortgage chopped $125,000 with that procedure. FBI didn’t or doesn’t care. They would rather try to railroad TRUMP than defend the citizens from these crimes. Effen criminals!

  4. Has anyone here gone after he judges bond? I too, was in Federal Court (State Court 4 times, 3 Federal Courts, Appeals, District Court…11 years of litigation) with boat loads of counterfeit documents presented to the court, that they, the defendant’s presented. The judge threw all of it out and dismissed the case. Even if I were a “moron” the paperwork speaks for itself. In North Carolina the feasting on homeowners’ carcasses, goes on daily. The judges know. Me, New Century, Credit Suisse, SPS, Carrington, Ocwen (pushed all of the paperwork, the alleged servicer), US Bank, GMAC, …2 foreclosures on the same deed and debt. No verifiable note, only unsecured debt. The judges cannot seem to be able to distinguish between a securitization and secured interest. Neither of which has been documented. “assignments are not a transfer of legal title”…

    At the end of the day, the seller, Credit Suisse acquired nothing. They seized an asset off a warehouse line of credit, that did not belong to them, hence the reason they have no title. This should not be difficult for a seasoned legal expert.

    Very disturbing behavior…

  5. Should American people call for Haague Tribunal to find Justice and hold American JUDGES accountable for the BIGGEST fraud in the World history?

    Hitler did not executed people on occupied territories – his soldiers did.

    Banks can not steal anyone’s home – Judges do it for them.

    Neil said that banks during last 15 years defraud Courts with the SAME trick and the SAME forgery and perjury – and Judges are so incompetent to even notice this fraud? Or blind and deaf?

    Very few judges have personal integrity to confront banks’ fraud. (1%)

    99% of others serve money.

    JUDGES executed millions American families, not banks.

    JUDGES must be held liable for this biggest genocide against average American people

  6. my mistake: His nephew, not his son.

  7. Sure would love to have my house back. The foreclosure was a classic of Bank of America, Countrywide Home Loans, a Morgan Stanley Trust, and Deutschebank. All with paperwork and foreclosure claims in our non-judicial state of North Carolina, dated way after the original transaction and after the trust was supposedly formed. It is such a massive fraud, and so many Americans hurt, I just wonder how the guys who did this and the legal guys who looked the other way can sleep at night.

  8. The (Honorable?) JP Stadmuller, Eastern District of Wisconsin, lost his son in the Milwaukee County Jail over the weekend.


    “Vengeance is Mine”, sayeth the Lord.
    God takes care of everything I guess……

  9. My “note” was funded via a bank wire from a BofA account (decoded the swift routing/account info) at BonyMellon and a cashiers check was drawn on the wire at the receiving bank , TD Bank …

    Why would BofA not send $$$WIRE$$$ from themselves? Why go through another entity…

  10. I’m just kickin’ back waiting for the fraudulent transfer of the title to my property to an unknown and uninterested party after the sham “sheriff’s sale”. More to come…..

  11. See Reuters: U.S. Fed at odds with bank regulators on community lending standards. – https://apple.news/AfE3wLfb3QfOQbQBZ6TNV3A (if I copied right). Community Reinvestment Act back on the slate. All started with the CRA. Many denied that — but that denial is false. Now is opportunity to show what really happened. Without our input – it will remain in fraudland for others. Cannot let this happen. .

  12. Powers v BONYM et al http://www.abolishthebankers.com

  13. I recall, years ago, seeing corridor agreements between Countrywide and Bank of America. More recently, I went back to find them – I could not. They were gone. I remember that the implication was that BofA was funding the Countrywide loans.

    Yet, nothing was ever funded. As I have said before, a top official admitted to me that all the loans that were claimed to be placed in these “Trusts” were already reported as in default to the GSEs. I answered that this was impossible. He said – “can you prove that the loans were NOT in default?” I could for my own, but not for others.

    All these vague agreements and the “role” of entities involved – could only have occurred if the loans were nothing more than “debt” reported in default (without ever telling you), and then you are given a refinance to cover it up. In truth, there was no refinance. No prior loan was paid off by the borrower. There was only a transfer of debt collection rights – to a party who purchased collection rights from the GSEs, and then tried to securitize those collection rights – until the they were busted by exposure of the crisis. That is why we have documents that are straight-out bogus.

    But the Courts do not care. They say – “You owe the money and you have to pay, and who cares who is paid?”

    The government settlements blocked any investigation that would have revealed the massive fraud of the financial crisis that continues to date. The only thing that government did to try to help the victims is to promote modifications. These modifications only further conceal the fraud. Yet, I talk to very intelligent people who want modifications, and when I ask — “Do you know who you are paying?” – they say no. When I ask “Do you know who is recorded as mortgage holder for title?” They say no.

    The government is not interested in revisiting the fraud, and most people do not understand, or even care about the fraud. Give them a good loan mod – and they are happy. .

    So – what do we do? I have tried everything. Remember, I am not in foreclosure. Never was. I did not take a modification – never did. I am here because of what I know. If people will get together, and get to speak to someone in power, or Congress – I will speak. However, if we don’t do anything – we will lose case after case.despite all the best evidence we can present.

    This is a new year. There should be a new strategy. We can do very little – alone.

  14. BONY/BOA vs Cano
    Will file punitive damages and criminal charges for false affidavits by law firms

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