Are You a Lawyer Looking to Make Money? I can refer clients to you. No cost.

There are hundreds of thousands of prospective good paying clients with a high likelihood of success that lawyers are ignoring. This herd mentality is shifting lawyers away from their primary function: representation of people whose rights are being violated on a systematic basis.

The influx of requests for me to represent people who are engaged in a battle for their homes is reaching a feverish pitch. Here is the scoop. Except for a few legacy cases, I do not accept engagements for appearances as attorney of record nor as the advocate for any new cases. I refer cases out but the number of lawyers accepting such referrals has substantially diminished.

This is the result of misinformation and disinformation in mainstream media making it appear as though cases involving defense of foreclosure, ejectment, eviction, unlawful detainer are unwinnable and that the clients are deadbeats who cannot pay fees. The Wall Street banks pay big money to get that message out since it discourages homeowners from even considering a defense.

Both of those premises are untrue. Foreclosure defense and the filing of various causes of action centering around wrongful foreclosure or wrongful eviction can be very successful and profitable — both in hourly fees and contingency fees.

Any competent trial lawyer can win these cases and if they do their work right, they will win at least 2/3 of their cases. There are always judges who simply won’t listen to anything but they can be overturned on appeal.

The bottom line is that virtually all foreclosures are based upon a false premise that is not supported by law: the claimant is not the owner of the debt and thus the “foreclosure” is not really an action for restitution of an unpaid debt. Under current law in all U.S. jurisdictions, once this fact is inferred, presumed or established, the foreclosure fails.

I coach both attorneys and pro se litigants on methods, strategies and tactics to create the inference or presumption or to even establish the fact that the claimant did not pay for the debt, that the assignment is a legal nullity and therefore the foreclosure sought is not legally available. I have had judges specifically rule on the deficiencies of the case brought in foreclosure because in the end it was all smoke and mirrors presented. In many cases even when a claimant is named it doesn’t even exist.

I do not solicit nor accept split fees or referral fees since I will not be attorney of record. So a referral from me comes without cost to the trial attorney. If you accept an engagement, the client is yours and is not subject to any control by me. As the only legal decision-maker you can either choose to employ GTC services as a consultant or not —without any obligation to do so.

So YES I can refer cases to you and you will prosper in both reputation and wealth as a result — but only if you have the trial skills necessary to defeat opponents whose only hope for victory lies in effective use of procedure and legal presumptions. And one thing more — you must have the willingness to persevere and be relentless. Until the very last minute the only offers you get are going to be specifically designed to undermine your confidence in the case.

I don’t care if you know anything about property law or foreclosures. The requirements are simple and can be learned in a matter of minutes. If you know trial law you can win most of these cases. Many lawyers before you have made millions of dollars  based upon business plans that I designed back in 2008. It’s time to step it up a notch.

If you are a trial lawyer with experience then you are candidate for these referrals. That means you have been lead attorney in both bench and jury trials and verdicts have been entered in favor of your client.

If you think you qualify for this, simply write me an email at I will call you if you want.


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  1. Banks have been committing the biggest financial crimes in the history of mankind. As in war crimes people are still hunting down Hilter’s generals as of today. Likewise there should be no SOL for banks crimes against humanity. We cannot be just any dog. We should be bloodhounds hunting down banks foul plays.

  2. Neil needs to go bigger. Very knowledgeable and smart. We need more. Too long without heavy influence to our government.

    Neil – you know the ins and outs – where is connection to our government???

  3. Marina Yiu – You bring up important points. These issues are beyond any attorneys without help from the Department of Justice. Neil can help – but without help from DOJ — not good. That is because of influence upon courts and attorneys’ fear.

    We need to get to someone who can get to DOJ/AG. Then we can get the help we need individually. Not happening. BUT – it needs to happen. Plead with Neil to help with this.

  4. With real estate background since 1989 I follow and understand your blogs soon after I lost my home in 2012. I know what is wrongful about wrongful foreclosure. I had 3 bad experience with lawyers. In fact one lawyer refunded 50% of my retainer fee. You see 99% of lawyers do not feel your pain. In fact your pain is their gain.

    I know how to put my case together. I did a 30 minute consultation with you back in 02/17. The lawyer who tok money to do my FAC never connected with you. Like a dog with a bone I will never let go. I can do pro per with your coaching. I have to deal with SOL as home was auctioned off Sept 24 2012 during loan mod. That is dual tracking. Please advise.

  5. YES I also like to know

  6. Hi Neil! Can you tell me what the requirements are for a legacy foreclosure? I think I may have one from what I’ve read but I’m not sure of the details.

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