MERS is Probably an Offshore Operation

Just an observation based upon current information.

MERS was acquired in 2008 by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), a former Enron competitor. As its name implies (and the job listings for ICE) it operates in several continents. It controls most of the world’s futures and securities exchanges and clearing houses.

According to filings by ICE, the acquisition of MERS would have no material impact on earnings. That is because MERS was never intended to make a profit and probably never did. It was always a vehicle to advance plausible deniability of illegal conduct.

The principal backers for ICE US Trust were the same financial institutions most affected by the crisis, the top ten of the world’s largest banks (Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and UBS). Sprecher’s clearing house cleared their global credit default swaps (CDS) in exchange for sharing profits with these banks.[7][8] By September 30, 2008 the Financial Post warned that the “$54000bn credit derivatives market faced its biggest test in October 2008 as billions of dollars worth of contracts on now-defaulted derivatives would be auctioned by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association . In his article in the Financial Post, he described ICE as a “US-based electronic futures exchange” which raised the stakes on October 30, 2008 in its effort to expand in the $54000 bn credit derivatives market.(Weitzman 2008)[9]

Whether the “MERS System” exists on servers within the United States or is operated by people within the United States has always been an open question. Now it appears as though the answer is no. It certainly suggests some questions in discovery.

And that is because

  • there is the dubious agency authority asserted by those who use the name of MERS as though it was their own,
  • on behalf of “lenders” or “successors that were neither lenders nor successors to lenders, and
  • is actually now the product of international finance controlled by offshore people and entities,
  • leaving the status of MERS in American courts to be at least in doubt.

Watch that labelling! Calling an entity a “lender” does not make it so although a facially valid document might raise a presumption in favor of the label even if it a lie. Calling an entity a “successor” is absurd unless (a) the original entity owned the debt (b) at the time that the original entity was acquired or merged with the “successor”.

Foreclosure mills are counting on your lack of curiosity. That is the what enables them to use labels that have no basis in fact.

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  1. It is ALL about dark money laundering through American Housing Market.

    Back in 1990th Banks discovered that if they sell derivatives offshores, nobody will review these transactions since they are not regulated.

    Anybody can purchase these “contracts”, no control at all.

    In 1999 Clinton repelled Glass Steagal Act, but banks still needed to find out how to secretly move huge amounts of money to America.

    Trillions of dark money flooded US housing market in 2001 while all World was watching “Terrorists’ attack” on WTC when both towers collapsed almost at the same time, in the same manner even though one was hit in the top and another in the middle .

    Loans were given to anyone who had pulse, just as much as banks can sell.

    Where Lehman Brothers found $36 to borrow per $1 assets?

    Why Bush so easily agreed for a bailout?

    Because banks knew who approved the transfer.

    Why Obama became a President? He was controlled by Clintons

    The same people still handle all public offices and cover the truth.

    BTW, in 2007 Russia sued BONY for $22.5 Billion ,which is about the same amount of Communists Party money disappeared after USSR collapsed.

  2. Why can’t we get enough power and force of people to attack these “so called foreclosure mills” and expose the for what they are. Are they truly that well immune, protected, and preserved.

    In my humble opinion we need a nationwide force willing to work on exposing and attacking the head of the serpent as they say. Semper Fi.

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