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Charles Marshall and Bill Paatalo return to break down even further the important win in a Florida case involving a US Bank LSF9 Trust. They also discuss and expand on how Fidelity Title is illegally circumventing recording statutes, re power of attorney rules involved in property title issues.

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  1. Does anyone know the actual name of this US Bank LSF9 Florida case? I would like to read it.

  2. It is far more deep than can be disclosed without a full government investigation.

    Very complex fraud. It was intended that way.

  3. Looks like they believe the innings are in the middle right now. They had to change law to win win win.

  4. This is just a cover up After alleged DBNTC whom I know is SPS allegedly relieved a judgement against me SPS and DBNTC assigned from themselves to themselves to DBNTC in 2018. Ya think that is money laundering? Still have them at bay in court and stopped a sale on my property. The judges do not look corrupt here they are corrupt here,. Going for a New Independant Case and VOID Judgement.

  5. A friend of mine ordered one for hers and the same came back to her. Never nada registered when the PSA for her alleged trust was suppos to be registered in Delaware. Another friend has checked on a list of hers and they are not registered. The only item that seems to be real is the PSA contract nothing else exist. Also DBNTC seems to be the company stealing and money laundering the funds from stolen homes. Not the same name as in the DB Cease AND Desist order from the Board of the Federal Reserve. › newsevents › pressreleases

  6. They claim they are registered in the PSA I mean and in their false pleadings. DBNTC is’ not registered in Delaware as they plead either.

  7. The three trust I have sent for certified letters whether they exist ornot have come back certified letters they do not exist and never have and thejudges are tuling for the corrupt bogus trust so far in my cases. Ignoring the facts and certified letters from the SEC of Delaware where these PSA for the trust I ordered these from state they are registered.

  8. This is bogus trust – in violation of Regulation AB. What about all the others??? Yeah – Shelly — what the heck? Title searches – worthless.

  9. Stewart Title is illegally doing Title searches claiming the last posted assignment is the true assignment. What the? They refused to do a Title search for me after taking my funds as well.

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