Appellate Judges Do Not Redo the Case

The appellate court does not review for purposes of figuring out whether an alternative decision would have been better. They review strictly for the purpose of deciding whether there was any legal basis supporting the judge’s decision. If the answer is yes the decision is affirmed. If the answer is no, then the decision is reversed.

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  1. Great question Summer — which “forgery is more lawful?”

    Poppy – sad to say — judges tell clerks what to write. Sad. You know you go to court – and statue of balance of scales of justice is right there in front of you. What happened to that scale???

    elaine021455 – the back door is right — I have seen people (seniors) live in rat infested friend garage because they lost home due to fraud. I have seen children, and cancer victims, and our service men/women lose home – with nowhere to go — all by fraud in courts. I have seen fraud in the courts, and fraudulent documents during trial. I have seen it all. This is not America.

    Fred Schneider – don’t buy the court cases. That is what is what they want us to do. All will come crashing – eventually. No discovery, nothing. in courts. Technicalities. I think Neil knows what to do – but he has to go further. GO BACK.

    Bob G – yes — Gee.

    I have been in court for more than anyone else here. I see that statue every time I go. It means nothing. Everyone scared of the truth. They don’t wan’t it — will affect them and their life style — boats included.

    They want to stop the truth.

    Please – all dig deeper — go back. GO BACK. I don’t want you to be the scapegoats. Don’t buy anything else. Don’t be the scapegoat.

    Neil — I know a business here. Support it. But, GO BACK. I don’t see you doing that. You need to do that. Promote it.

    Don’t buy the “Rogers.” Debt buyers. .

  2. That’s another issue, the law clerks. What I presented, was not what was in the response from the court. So much bias…the clerk had to have written it. The language was almost word for word what the law firm said. In spite of exhibit after exhibit, evidence of wrongdoing by the defendant’s-lawyers, substitute trustee’s. My loan is in Ocwen’s, REO department since 2009 after a “completed” foreclosure. These are verifiable, internal documents.

    The judge says” (the clerk actually), US Bank as “trustee” of the CSMC Trust “bought” the note from the trust…okay? Show me, when, the canceled check…and why are they still before the court as the named CSMC Trust. Nope, come in your own name as the debt collector…you can still sue and get a civil judgment, maybe. SOL has run.

  3. @ elaine021455…unfortunately, this goes on all the time. I have been in court and watched people with $8,500. arrears lose beautiful property. Even counties keep pushing taxes and fees on “fixed income” folks and the “lenders” LOL…could easily remedy the situation and won’t. Lawyers have portfolio’s of our properties, judge’s in some cases too. They are in the loop and get very wealthy off of our situation and lack of representation.

    This doesn’t make you feel better, I know. Personally, I think the folks have a right to access the courts, in a more meaningful way. “Justice for all”…not really. One must be able to pay for it and find qualified litigators. Not an easy task, I’m afraid.

    When banks actually held portfolio loans, easy fix. Now, with the sale of your debt, it is a maze of confusion.

    This sounds immoral but, in hindsight, most should have not payed, stashed the money instead of paying lawyers, gone down the street when the market “dumped” and bought another house for less, then handed the “alleged lenders” the keys, while their credit was still in tact. Most of these people are not helping, they are taking advantage of us. When they tell you, they are here to help, get they K-Y out.

    Most will disagree with me, but choices are limited. You and I didn’t create this, they did. They always tell the “investors” they have risks…well maybe we should start telling them the same…”buyer’s beware”. Sorry for your loss, elaine.

  4. Well, I received a poorly forged Allonge to my Note from some “collateral shipper” Jordan Luna . The Note have no assignments

    The same “shipper” Luna forged ( now with my help) a Satisfaction of Mortgage where he admitted his fraud and released all liens.

    Which forgery is more lawful?

    Can I file Luna’s Satisfaction of Mortgage with the same robo-signed electronic signature or Judges will hesitate to release the lien but will readily pass my home to BOA?

    All signatures are the same, as well as the signing authorities.

  5. Not so simple. Ask any law clerk — how do they write decisions?.

  6. Guess I could have saved tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention sleepless nights, unintentional weigh loss, bouts of alcohol abuse – I cant believe I didn’t lose my mind, marriage or job. We went to Maryland’s highest court for nothing. We fought for five years and finally were forced out by the ‘buyer’ and only bidder who came through the back door (this means he knew someone in the foreclosure mill – I am sure he got a call from someone in that firm “have I got a deal for you!” He undermined our entire defense. No one cared – he had $400,000 in cold hard cash. That asshole now lives in my house on my ancestral waterfront property.

  7. Not sure what case you were talking about. Did I miss the cite!!! Could not have been good. I have never heard anymore about the Colorado Case on Racketeering (GEORGE ET AL V. URBAN SETTLEMENT AND BANK OF AMERICA)!!! This is exactly what they did to me on my five loans with Countrywide!!

  8. I guess you knew this already, Bob. Funny!

  9. Gee…thanks.

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